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Benchmark Testing.

Introduction to Networking Technology. Networking Basics. Bandwidth and Latency. Media Access Layer. Internet Protocol Layer. HosttoHost Connections. Internet Information Server Performance. Web Server Architecture. Sources of Information.

3ware 6000 Series Driver 6.9 free download

Web Server Benchmarks. Load Balancing and Server Clustering. Bibliographic information. Perspectives on Performance Management. The shell that you are running CLI must be the same shell that you input the command to 3ware 6000 Series the environment variable.


For Windowsset the environment variable by clicking on the start button and then right-clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties. In Properties, click on the Advanced tab. Then click on the 3ware 6000 Series Variables button. When you cycle power your system, the new environment variable is recorded by Windows and read by CLI upon system startup, after which CLI will stop logging any new commands associated with the controller.


For Windows Vista and Windows Serverthe log file is stored in. Note that ProgramData is a hidden folder by default. To display it in Windows Explorer, enter c: For previous versions of Windows XP, 3ware 6000 Seriesetcthe log file is stored in. While many system features require a few commands, some require or involve a set of commands that work together.

Also, some of these features may be compenhensively more complex to described in a few discreet commands. The purpose of this section is to provide an encapsulated view 3ware 6000 Series selected system features with their command set. The subsections which follow contain descriptions, the commands applicable, and related information such as setup and operation details of a feature and its function.

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The following is a list of the subsections:. The commands within the subsections below also appear in the Primary Command Syntax section of this document.

While some commands contain similar or identical information or examples, others may not. Those that do not is likely due to context, legacy, 3ware 6000 Series other factors. In any case, the explanations are consistent across the two sections in this document.

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Performance monitoring and statistics of the RAID controller, as a basis for analysis of performance, may also provide information for qualification and diagnostics. The instantaneous measurements provide a short duration average. The running average is a measure of long-term averages that smooth out the data, and results 3ware 6000 Series older results fading from the average over time. Finally, the extended drive statistics refers to statistics of a drive's read commands, write commands, write commands with FUA Force Unit Accessflush commands, and a drive sectors's read, write, and write commands with FUA. This feature is for the SX and higher model controllers, with exception of the commands related to extended drive statistics, that are supported on the SE, SA and controllers only.

The command syntax falls into three categories: The configuration category allows the user to see the settings as well as change them. At this time, the only setting that the user can change is 'enable' or 'disable' of the Drive Performance Monitor. The port-based 'show' commands provide requested statistics based on type. The port-based 'set' command clears the specified type statistics. This is where the 3ware Escalade 3ware 6000 Series RAID controller fits into the The 3ware Escalade series comes with several models for. 3ware's 3DM™ is a Web-based storage monitoring disk manage- ment utility.

The 3DM The Escalade™ Series Switched RAID Controllers exceed.

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