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The cooling module fans are surprisingly powerful and ensure that large volumes of air circulate around the drives.


Connection to the host is via two Fibre Channel loops providing 2Gb connectivity. The drive cradles and other redundant items such as power supply or cooling units are all quite easy to replace, and all items are hot swappable.

Spheras is a very powerful utility that allows the user to configure, monitor, and maintain the SANbloc. Adaptec was unable to provide the Lab with a 1TB implementation of the SANbloc and as a consequence the unit was tested with 14 drives that amounted to just half a terabyte. For Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID calculations Adaptec supplied the Lab with pricing on a drive 1.

Is a backup needed when a RAID is implemented?

We also requested Adaptec supply us with a "best value" Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID. Performance on the other hand was strong with the SANbloc the fastest during writes and quite quick at reads as well. Futureproofing Up to eight units each with 14 drives that can be daisy chained for a capacity of Performance was quite good. Three-year on-site warranty available.

Whether this is in fact true or not is another matter but some of the other vendors' cases and components could easily be from a "generic" rack mount parts bin that had been modified for DAS RAID duty. In terms of case volume, the HP is the smallest of all the units tested.

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Even though the case is 4RU the HP is very shallow in depth in comparison to the other Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID. Or at least it would be very shallow if it were not for the enormous pair of cooling fans on the dual power supplies that resemble rocket booster nozzles out of some cheesy sci-fi flick. The turbine fans are very large and any one of the fans is more than capable of providing adequate airflow through the power supply, controllers, and drive array.

Detailed information on how to configure and daisy chain enclosures is also provided along with instructions on how to set the enclosure ID. The graphic below shows the slot number and location. Slot location when viewed from the front of the enclosure Page 39 The fourteen disk drive slots 0 to 13will be assigned an identifier based on the enclosure ID and the slot number as shown in Table Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID following configuration procedures refer to connecting the 2Gb SANbloc Series directly to the host system.

Dual FC Loop Note: When daisy chaining enclosures, you must ensure that each enclosure has a unique Enclosure ID. Quad loop configuration requires that the enclosure be configured in split loop mode.

To set split loop mode, a jumper must be installed at jumper location JP3 on each LS module Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID the enclosure. Only one power supply is required for normal operation. However, a second, optional power supply may be added to provide a redundant power system. Each power supply has its own AC power inlet.


Power supply cords shall have conductors with a cross-sectional area not less than 4mm corresponds to a minimum 10AWG wire. Chapter 4: Raid Configurations Chapter 4: Some general infor- mation about Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID RAID controller is also provided. Released Components The SteelVine product family consists of a component group validated as a released set.

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Unless noted here, alternate software versions and parts may not work properly or support only. Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID Controller firmware version 9 DecAdaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID Controller firmware versionFor the Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb RAID controllers used with the Adaptec SANbloc 1Gb.

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