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See General Installation Instructions for All VMware Products on page 11 for information that might apply to the guest you are installing Adaptec AOATAPI see Latest Updates on page 9 for the most recent changes to this guide. Check the date on the cover page to determine if your copy of the guide is current.

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These are the changes or updates made to the Guest Operating System Installation Guide since it was last published. Added installation instructions for Ubuntu See Ubuntu on page Added installation instructions for TurboLinux See Turbolinux 11 on page Removed incorrect statement about 64 bit Solaris 10 guests support only for the e network adapter driver. See Solaris 10 Operating System for x86 Platforms on page Added installation instructions Adaptec AOATAPI FreeBSD 8. See FreeBSD 8 on page Added information about recommended memory size for Windows See Windows 95 on page See Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on page See Ubuntu 9. Start with Mandrake Linux 9.

See Red Hat Linux 7 on page Start with FreeBSD 7.

Operating Systems That the Operating System Vendor No Longer Supports For operating systems listed in this guide that the operating system vendor no longer supports, VMware might, at its sole discretion, provide support and fixes to VMware products to address problems that are exposed by running such operating systems on a VMware virtual machine. VMware is Adaptec AOATAPI responsible for resolving problems with or providing support or fixes to the operating system itself. General Guidelines for Supported Guests Configurations, support, and hardware influence how you install a supported guest operating system.

Determining Memory Settings for a Virtual Machine When you configure the memory settings for a virtual machine, you should consult the documentation for the guest operating system you plan to run in that virtual machine. The user interface of your VMware product provides general guidelines for the amount of memory required. If the interface and the operating system documentation do not agree, you should rely on the operating system documentation.

Guest Operating System Installation Guide

For instructions on configuring Adaptec AOATAPI for a virtual machine on a GSX or VMware Server, see the corresponding server documentation. Running a Guest Operating System For Adaptec AOATAPI about running a guest operating system and using its features, see the documentation provided by the operating system vendor.


This functionality helps to ensure that the Linux guest operating system runs without interruption. For an overview Adaptec AOATAPI VMware Tools and for a list of the manuals that contain installation instructions for VMware Tools, Adaptec AOATAPI knowledge base article at 10 VMware, Inc. Before installing a guest operating system, create a virtual machine and ensure that its devices are setup correctly. For example, install networking software when you install the guest operating system, and configure and enable the Ethernet adapter for the virtual machine.


The tool or interface you used to configure the virtual machine depends on the VMware product you are running. A new virtual machine is like a physical computer with a blank hard disk. Before you can use it, you must partition and format the virtual disk and install an operating system. The operating system installation program might handle Adaptec AOATAPI partitioning and formatting steps for you. NOTE You should disable screen savers that might be running on the host system before you install the guest operating system. Typical Installation The basic steps to install a typical operating system: ESX Server 2. You must insert the installation CD ROM or disc in the drive on the server where the virtual machine is running.

You cannot use the drives on the management workstation. GSX Server.

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If your guest operating system requires a disc, you must insert it in the drive on the server where the virtual machine is running. You cannot use the disc drive on the management workstation. As with physical computers, operating systems require separate licenses for each virtual machine that you run. Some Microsoft Windows OEM discs included with new computers are customized for those computers and include device drivers and other utilities specific to the hardware system. Even if you can install that Windows operating system on your physical Adaptec AOATAPI, you might not be able to install it in a virtual machine.

Acer CDROM Drivers Download

You might Adaptec AOATAPI to purchase a new copy of Windows to install in a virtual machine. You can store the ISO file on the host machine or on a network drive accessible from the host machine. Adaptec AOATAPI

Use the configuration tool for your VMware product to connect the virtual machine CD drive to the ISO image file, and turn on the virtual machine. Using an ISO image file is convenient to install the same operating system in multiple virtual machines. It can also help you avoid a problem in host configurations, in which the virtual machine cannot boot from the installation CD ROM. When you turn on the virtual machine, the virtual machine Adaptec AOATAPI the PXE server.

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