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But the latter two returned to the top on our DeLorme Eartha Global Explorer test, with times of 2 minutes 24 seconds for the Panasonic and 2 minutes 43 seconds for the Hitachi. But as noted earlier, the Que is the only drive we reviewed that came with Aopen DVD-1040 Pro verification disabled.

When we switched verification on, the QPS performed approximately the same as the other drives--writing a MB file in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Creature Comforts All of the dvd-rom drives we tested are solidly built Aopen DVD-1040 Pro with IDE interfaces, but we saw some notable differences in their features.


We liked the servo-operated slot feeds, with their disc-cleaning pads, and admired the drives' ability to operate in any orientation. We missed the emergency eject machinery basically a small hole into which you can poke a straightened paper clip or similar object to eject the disc in case of Aopen DVD-1040 Pro failure that most tray-loading drives provide, however. And surprisingly, the newest DVD-ROM drive--Pioneer's DVDomits the digital output that other drives use to send direct signals to the computer's sound card or to a set of digital speakers.

The best drive for you may depend on how much space you have inside your PC--or next to it. But if you crave speed--and are willing to pay for it--you may do better to save your money for the coming second-generation DVD-RAM drives.

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Though it's slower than some other drives on certain tests, it Aopen DVD-1040 Pro only about half as much. So why not use your computer--or a stand-alone DVD-Video player--to send signals to your television? With Aopen DVD-1040 Pro lower resolution, a TV screen won't usually produce as sharp a picture as a computer monitor, but its larger size will let you sit back and enjoy the show. A stand-alone player is easy to connect to a TV.


But hooking up your computer can be trickier. The cards bundled with our review drives provided composite and S-Video output, plus Dolby Digital and analog audio output Aopen DVD-1040 Pro a stereo or home theater system. Getting Hitched Are the hookup hassles worth it?

Agn3D Hardware reviewed AOpen Pro DVD-ROM

After tweaking brightness and contrast, we could scarcely distinguish between drives with software or hardware decoding and the stand-alone player. In the end, though, we Aopen DVD-1040 Pro back on the couch with the Toshiba stand-alone player and its remote control--a passive tool for passive entertainment.

Otherwise, the convenience, portability, and easy installation of a stand-alone player make it your best bet. DVD for Notebooks The in-flight movie has never been a grand cinematic experience. A typical offering is a small screen five rows distant, with sound piped through hollow tubes. Aopen DVD-1040 Pro

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And you're stuck watching whatever movie the airline got a good deal on. The remedy for frequent fliers: Watch movies on your notebook computer.

Drivers for AOpen DVD PRO USB Device

If your notebook lacks a built-in DVD-ROM drive--and the manufacturer doesn't offer one--you'll need an external model. We tested three drives with easy-to-install PC Card interfaces: A Noteworthy Choice The port-noteworthy, our favorite drive, comes with a coupon for a MediaMatics software Aopen DVD-1040 Pro.


The disc didn't play properly after that, fortunately I was able to get the scratch repaired No trays to worry about no more stupid jokes Aopen DVD-1040 Pro some user thinking that the tray is a cup holder - LOL. They weren't the type that was CD intensive though but at least the cut-scenes were. Didn't see any problems there.

Aopen DVD-1040 Pro the appearance of the drive looks ordinary don't let that fool you into thinking otherwise. For the cost and performance it is relatively good compared to some of the other drives I have seen. Performance is better than the other drives too. My only gripe is that the drive does not come with any software bundled and that it is possibly region locked.

Model, DVD Pro. Interface: E-IDE ATAPI Ultra-DMA Mode MW-DMA Mode Supported Formats: DVD-ROM DVD-R DVD-Video CD-DA CD-ROM/XA. DVD Pro. Report, English, 3/9/, KB. Year Readiness Disclosure for AOpen Optical Electronic DVD-ROM / DVD-RAM Drives.

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