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The features offered by this batch are quite a step up from the previous generation.

But is that also true for performance and accessories? We put nine mainboard newcomers under the microscope.

- AOpen AX4B Pro Motherboard RAM Memory Upgrades

Testing The E-Class: But the times, they are a-changing. It appears that Intel's fortunes are on the rise - the motherboards are mature, with features that beat last year's batch by far. Does that mean sunny times Aopen AX4B Pro-533 us customers? Yes - and no. To begin with, the new E and G chipsets have the advantage of being directly developed by Intel. The market leader's hardware has been very popular for years thanks to its good performance and extreme reliability.

AOpen AX4B-533Tube

Even more important is Intel's consistency, which other manufacturers manage to imitate only sporadically. The E Aopen AX4B Pro-533 to go along with this tradition in that the motherboards we tested present no grounds for griping about their stability and overall performance.

Even more obscure manufacturers have made an effort to expand their array of features and accessories. By now, things such as piezo speakers instead of PC speakersAopen AX4B Pro-533 and RAID controllers or overclocking options have become standard, which wasn't the case in earlier comparisons. On the other hand, that added functionality has its price.


Nine new motherboards had made it to our lab by the time we went to press. We subjected them to a thorough examination and have Aopen AX4B Pro-533 up our conclusions with extensive comparisons and sound buying recommendations.

That fall, Intel officially approved DDR support for this chipset, even though the Brookdale had already supported Aopen AX4B Pro-533 faster memory from its inception. The G is traveling along similar lines right now. While the chipset possesses the technology to work with DDR memory, Intel is taking its time in validating it, prompting many motherboard manufacturers to offer the feature as an overclocking option. After all, everyone will be switching to the new standard as quickly as possible. Another essential change has been made on the AGP front - the chipset only permits the use of AGP-4x graphics boards with a 1. Just about every manual makes mention of this fact; however, only Jetway sees fit to put a sticker on the motherboard warning users that violating this guideline may damage their hardware.

Ready, Set Boot Time Until recently, very few tests considered the time a system needs to boot completely, i. With few exceptions, the current crop of motherboards have stepped up their pace from a few months ago.

- AOpen AX4B Pro Motherboard RAM Memory Upgrades

Nonetheless, components such as RAID, SCSI or network controllers stretch out this time considerably since they have to initialize and search for devices and connections. Disabling all the on-board components levels the playing field for all the motherboards.

We discovered that Aopen AX4B Pro-533 the Intel Application Accelerator makes a noticeable difference, lopping ten seconds off the boot time for our test boards with Windowsand four seconds for those with Windows XP. Activating the RAID, sound and network controllers added about seconds to this.

The only boards that were clearly faster were the Intel and the Abit, which needed 25 and 26 seconds, respectively. Long Live Progress! BIOS Version: Although that may seem Aopen AX4B Pro-533 of shocking to begin with, you really no longer need any of these ports.


Most people have had USB mice for a while now; even all the aging parallel or serial ports have had to make way for USB 2. Since the antiquated ports have been eliminated, the IT7 and the Intel board boot in considerably less time than Aopen AX4B Pro-533 competition. One thing the IT7 isn't lacking in is ports - it has six count 'em, six USB ports on its connector panel.


Then it also offers two additional ports, with an appropriate adapter cable included in the package. With all this, there's nothing stopping you from hooking up your printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, digital camera, USB modem and joystick. A sound system is also included, offering luxurious hardware surround sound and an optical digital port. Two hard drives can be attached to each of the four channels. The latter was included because the port panel had been redesigned to make up for the lost ports. That said, with all the important components already integrated, these expansion slots should be more Aopen AX4B Pro-533 sufficient. The board also sports a surround system based on a Aopen AX4B Pro-533 ALC Two internal ports are available to hook up a TV card or CD drive with the sound system.

AOpen has had two debug features in its arsenal for a while now - Dr. LED and Dr. Instead of beeping, BIOS clearly describes the error using the on-board piezo speaker e. LED needs an additional module in the form of a 5. Once connected to the motherboard, the Dr. AOpen AX4B Pro - motherboard - ATX - Socket - iE overview and full product specs on CNET. For the most part, the AX4B Pro is yet another feature-filled E board. Click to Enlarge. This board comes with the usual features we've.

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