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The E AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro is not capable of supporting fastwrites, one of the advanced features of AGP 2. In most cases, this makes little difference, but no fastwrites support makes the chipset ill suited for some high-polygon count 3D content creation applications. The E series supports the standard 66, and MHz frontside bus speeds by default, though some motherboard manufacturers allow for alternative FSB speeds.

On the other hand, motherboards are relatively inexpensive, so you can start with a modest budget and move up later. Intel is prepping an update to the for the Tualitin.

Intel i815 / i815E Motherboard Roundup - August 2000

The printed circuit board PCB layout is relatively clean, and there were no visible patches or wire jumpers. This made insertion of the GeForce2 Ultra board a tad awkward, though not difficult. All of the boards were fairly close in most of the tests. The company thoughtfully supplies the extra USB connector, which allows you to have four total. Despite the minor layout problems, this AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro a solid board with a full feature set. AX3S Pro Pros: Stable, good set of tweak and overclocking AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro Cons: Layout a bit awkward Rating: As befits an Intel board, the layout is clean and conservative.

The Mainstream: Intel Series Motherboards - ExtremeTech

There are several versions of the D; the one we tested included built-in Ethernet and AC97 audio. The Ethernet simply uses the built-in soft networking capabilities of the ICH2 chip, and the connection to the outside world is made with a discrete Intel-manufactured phy physical layer chip. For example, even a simple streaming test like the one used in Audio Winbench shows a AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro of CPU utilization. In games with 3D positional audio, frame rate hits are noticeable. Moreover, the company went further: The complete set is also worth to mention: The manual, however, doesn't offer much information. It probably means that the board wouldn't cause you any problems.

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So, we are going to check it. It will perfectly suit any good ATX-case. The fact, that the board belongs to ATX form factor, you can feel AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro the name: For stable work of processors at high frequency the voltage jumps on the supply filter's output mustn't exceed mV at the supply voltage equal 2V.

For uF capacitors of this board this figure is equal to mV. After installation of a new BIOS version 1.

The Aopen company states that its Pro-version shows even better results. Unfortunately, we couldn't compare the results, since we couldn't fetch this board. As for a cooler installation, on the first look the board seems to have enough AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro for it.


But in practice, we had difficulty in installing even a usual Intel cooler, not to mention AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro Orb. Another peculiarity is that all slots are shifted to the left side; so, AGP slot isn't located tight to the ports anymore.

AOpen AX3S Pro Online Manual

With AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro layout an installed AGP-videocard doesn't prevent any manipulation with memory clips. When developing an electric design of the boards, AOpen used the Frequency Isolation Wall technology.

The idea of this technology is the following: A power supply jack hasn't a good location as well. The cable doesn't leave enough space for a cooler. The board has 3DIMM slots, though this is more than enough AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro i northbridge you won't be able to set more than MBytes memory. The AOpen AX3S Pro is the latest in AOpen's "Pro" line of motherboards.


The "Pro" line began with the AX6BC Pro Gold, an iBX board, and  BIOS‎: ‎Award Modular BIOS PG; AOpen Die. Board Revision: 1 BIOS Version: (July AOpen AX3SAX3S Pro, ) Motherboards of Aopen's Pro series always come with great features and the golden.


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