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The RS communication line has to be terminated by Ohm resistors on both ends. Follow RS converter user manual. For connection to multiple controllers refer to separate Askey TAS200E-N Connection to multiple controllers. In case of troubles with the modem communication an additional initialization string may be required. The reason can be for example some national telephone network specific feature. Use the setpoint ModemIniString to add some necessary AT commands which will be sent to the modem during the initialization. See the documentation of the modem for details.


Use Askey TAS200E-N same kind of modem e. The communication speed is up to bps limited by modem used. Example of SMS sent by the controller in case that the water temperature exceeded the warning limit and Emergency stop Askey TAS200E-N has been: Gen-set name: Emergency stop Modem setup procedure Analog modems obviously do not require any setup.


The only case it could Askey TAS200E-N needed is if the modem has been bought in other country with different telephony system than the target country where the modem will be used. GSM modems need to be set-up prior to using with the controller. The setup must be done while a SIM card is inserted.

General conditions Following conditions must be fulfilled: Ask your operator for this service. Modem configuration 1. Connect to the modem from your Askey TAS200E-N. Enter SMS center address after you will be asked ask your operator about this number.

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Controller configuration 1. Connect the controller to the modem or I-LB unit that has the modem connected.

An appropriate ethernet communication module must be used. It is necessary to fulfil one of the following Askey TAS200E-N Provide static and public Askey TAS200E-N address 2. Default port number is Default IP address is Do not use the browser navigation buttons as "Back", "Forward" or "Reload".

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Use the links and the reload Askey TAS200E-N located in the toolbar instead. The scada page is also the main page which is displayed by default if you just put the controller address Askey TAS200E-N the browser. The scada page layout may differ according to the firmware branch, version and application.

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Certain old firmware versions does not support web access at all. Then click to the required group name in the Askey TAS200E-N box to display values of the group in the right box. The measurement page is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds. Click to the required group name in the left box to display setpoints of the group in the right box. Click to the required setpoint name or value to change the value. If the respective setpoint is protected by password, which is indicated by a lock icon by the setpoint name, you have to click on the "Controller password" icon located in the toolbar and then enter valid password. The setpoint page is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds.

COMMUNICATION GUIDE. Communication Guide for ComAp Controllers. IGS-NT SW version 3.0

If an another user changes a setpoint from other terminal, the web page will not show this change immediately as e. Use the control Askey TAS200E-N to move within the history file. The history page is Askey TAS200E-N refreshed every 5 minutes.

If a Askey TAS200E-N record appears in the controller, the web page will not show it immediately as e. Communication Guide, ComAp March 48 Web server adjustment Click to the "Webserver settings" icon in the toolbar to display the settings page. Select the controller language the web Askey TAS200E-N will appear in.

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