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LVL 2.

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Telecart Commented: I'd go with the Dell. I have good experience with mine.

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LVL David Brugge Commented: I have been using an Elo L for about 5 BenQ CRW 2410P. There are probably several reasons that you never see them offered for sale, the first being that they are much more expensive than regular monitors, and the second, MIT labs developed some pretty swift methods to impliment touch screen which was then incorporated into the i-phone and soon after, the television news network CNN started showing off a proprietary application using a custom 42 inch touchscreen. Suddenly, everyone wanted touchscreen.

Windows 7, of course, supports advanced touch screen methods but prior to 7, each touch screen manufacturer had drivers that would intercept touch signals and output them as mouse drags or clicks. I agree with Telecart. Dell has a very good reputation with their monitors, as does Viewsonic. All-in-all, I would also go with the Dell. Also, I would wait for prices to come down on touchscreens. There is almost no consumer products being offered that support touch-screen right now, and even though I have four of them lined up on my desk as work, I always turn off the touch screens and use the mouse. It's easier and faster, just not as much fun.

Apoorva Sheth Author Commented: Thanks to both of you for your valuable inputs!

However, could you both do a comparision of all the LCD Monitors mentioned above in terms of specifications and then come out with the best one that I can go ahead and BenQ CRW 2410P Also, if you could come-up with links showing the reviews of the above mentioned LCD Monitors of different users using them, then it will BenQ CRW 2410P help me in making a decision. Learn More! In the end, for what you are doing, you will not be able to see a speck of difference in these monitors other than the Benq EHD which some reviewers called "over priced".

DELL vs Benq vs Viewsonic 24 inch HD LCD Monitor - Which one to go for???

All suffer from lack of brightness and lack of detail in the dark areas. Many reviewers complained about not being able to adjust the height. But, on the other hand, other than the EHD, they are good monitors for the price. And I'd still go with the Dell. Callandor Commented: Dell widescreens have had a very good approval rating from users in the past. No, we can't do a step by step analysis for you. You seem fully capable of thinking for yourself; we can only make personal recommendations based on what we think is important. Stealthlude Commented: My vote is also for the Dell.

I used their ultrasharp series with hardware calibrators and also saw very little difference. Good monitors. Ok, one question here: What is the most important factor to be seriously considered and one needs to know it before hands prior to making a purchase of an LCD Monitor? If you are a BenQ CRW 2410P photographer or a graphic artist preparing work for print, then the color range is most important, if you are a serious gamer, then refresh rate is important.

Benq CB523C GNM

Windows support of multi touch is not a BenQ CRW 2410P big deal. The touch and multi touch drivers have been on the market for years, and usually come free with a touch screen monitor. It's as if Microsoft suddenly announced that windows now has support for HD wide screen monitors. Not a really big deal since any large monitor will come with a driver to add that support.

Yes, it's nice, from a developer standpoint, to have the function built in, but it is not earth shaking. Besides, the touch screen developers have to decide if they BenQ CRW 2410P going to continue with their own drivers which also work on Lenix and Macs, or drop them in favor of a PC only solution. My guess is that it will ship with both and the BenQ CRW 2410P can select the driver. As far as newly introduced "multi touch" monitors, what would you do with it if you had one? You don't have any software that supports it. Are you willing to pay three to four times as much for your monitor so that you can launch a small demo application to show your friends?


I suspect that you will see one or two touch screen monitors being offered this time next year, but I don't expect them to catch on. As I have said earlier, it's actually not convenient to use touch screens. They are useful BenQ CRW 2410P those situations where keyboard entry is impossible or impractical, such as self-service kiosks, or checkout counters.

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