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This suggests that multi-GPU users with cards might need a robust power management plan in place. While I would assume that very few users are upgrading from Z97 to X99, those that coming from the 9-series or 8-series motherboards should feel at home. Users coming from the latest X79 builds will notice a slight change towards something more user friendly.

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First screen up is the EZ mode: Due to the increased info placed in this first screen, the font size has been reduced slightly, especially when detailing all the DRAM and SATA slots ports that are connected. The CPU and motherboard temperatures are here, with the CPU getting a graph in real time showing how the temperature changes. Voltages ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN fan speeds are here as well, with a point-to-point graph showing the fan profile of the CPU fan. On the right hand size is an EZ System Tuning icon for performance or energy saving modes as well as a Boot Priority list. On the top of the screen is an option for the EZ Tuning Wizard.


For the fan profiles, selecting QFan Control allows the user to adjust the three point fan gradient: Each of the fan headers can be controlled by in either DC or PWM mode, with several presets at the bottom and a choice of fan headers on the right. This is the most interactive fan control system within a BIOS to date, however I ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN suggest a couple of add-ons: As with Z97, this system detects the current outlay, asks what cooling is being used and what the system is for, and then goes back into its internal database to suggest an overclock.

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This overclock can then be applied automatically: The reason why the system asks about different types of intended use should come down to single core turbo modes — users interested more in day-to-day responsiveness will ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN a high single-core turbo, whereas gamers and media editors will want all the cores boosted to the maximum. Options here are a little more in-depth and clinical, ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN ASUS has taken on board suggestions and added both an information section at the bottom and a list of information on the right hand side telling the user what the current state is. Users jumping into X99 from very old systems might be interested in the My Favorites menu, which allows users to select certain options from the BIOS for a custom menu interface: With the Setup Tree Map we can select which options to have in My Favorites, which in my case ends up looking like this: My Favorites is aimed more at overclockers than anything else, allowing these enthusiasts access to frequent settings while bypassing others that are present but might not make a difference in line with the overclocking skill of the individual.

A few changes from previous platforms are worth mentioning, such as individual core selection for overclockers: Because not all cores are created equal, the new ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN allows users to select specific cores for frequency records. The onboard devices configuration menu gives the option for adjusting the bandwidth between the controllers onboard that share data paths: The Monitor tab gives all the temperature and fan speed data, along with options for the fan headers in a less-interactive but classic implementation: Users can select different modes for each header PWM or DCdifferent preset profiles Standard, Silent, Turboadjust which temperature sensor is relevant or adjust a two point gradient manually.

The QFan Tuning option provides insight into the workings of each ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN by detecting the low-end dead points: There is one last feature to mention, the GPU Post screen: This shows each of the PCIe slots, what is installed and at what speed they are running. The 5 at the end of the name refers to both the version and the number of sub-apps within the DIP5 interface.

Alongside these is the 5-Way Optimization option that provides a series of settings to help users perform automatic overclocking. This includes options for starting multipliers for stress testing, adjusting the length and type AVX or other of stress testing at each stage and goal temperatures.

The Intel Haswell-E X99 Motherboard Roundup with ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI

Unfortunately at the time of testing before launch, this feature did not work on our system due to a quirk in our setup although the feature has been fixed for launch. Free Download ASRock X99 Extreme6/ac Broadcom WLAN Driver for Windows 7 (Network Card). Jun 28, ASRock X99 Extreme6ac Broadcom WLAN WLAN: 1 x 2T2R Dual Band ac WiFi + BT v Module, 1 x ASRock WiFi /5 GHz Antenna - 10 SATA3, 1 eSATA, 1 Ultra M.2 (PCIe.

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