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Thus, it is not an actual measurement of the ink left, but an estimate calculated by subtracting the total shots from the original full ink quantity. This estimate can sometimes be grossly in error, usually due to a cartridge replacement not being carried Epson Stylus C88 Printer correctly.

Epson Stylus C88 - printer - color - ink-jet

To eliminate this possibility, buy a new set of compatibles on E-Bay - they're very cheap. You can always re-use the old ones later if it turns out they DO have ink in them.


If none of the above works, then you may have blocked print head nozzles. You can try soaking the print heads for 24 hours or moreas follows. Turn the printer on, and as soon as the print head moves out of its parking position, pull the power cord out of the back, or turn the printer off at the mains. You may now Epson Stylus C88 Printer move the print head by hand over to the left hand side out of the way. Look inside the print head parking area on the right and you will see a small rubber cup that comes up to cover the print nozzles when the head is parked to stop it drying out. Use a syringe or dropper to fill this cup with head cleaning fluid or distilled water.

Carefully push the print head by hand fully into its parking position so that the cup full of fluid comes up over the print head. Do not turn the printer on at any stage in this process.

If you get any black ink on the nozzle check, then there is hope! Repeat the process until you get a full black nozzle check.

If nothing, repeat the process once more. You can fix the issue by opening the Charms bar, selecting "Search," searching for "printer," selecting the "Settings" filter, choosing the "Devices and Printers" option, right-clicking on the "Stylus C88" from the list, choosing "Printer Properties" and clicking the "Get Ink Levels" button on the Main tab. The "Get Ink Levels" option will force the Epson Stylus C88 Printer to refresh the printer driver and resolve the model-specific issue.

Epson C88 Printer eBay

Clog The Epson Stylus C88 may be unable to see the black ink cartridge because either the connector on the printer or cartridge is clogged by dry ink. Epson Stylus C88 Printer cleaning options can be accessed by right-clicking on the printer taskbar icon in desktop mode and selecting "Nozzle Check" or "Head Cleaning Utility" from the menu. Epson Stylus C88 Printer the printer is unable to remove the clog itself, you can try cleaning the cartridge and printer connectors by removing the cartridge and gently cleaning the connectors with a rubbing-alcohol dipped cotton swab.

Incorrectly Installed Catridge Even if you've installed ink cartridges a dozen times in the Stylus C88, and are certain you installed the new black ink cartridge correctly, taking it out and reinstalling it will clear up any connection issues. The printer may not be able to recognize the cartridge if it is not properly installed. To install the cartridge, open the tray and cover, lift the ink Epson Stylus C88 Printer lock mechanism, shake the ink cartridge, and perpendicularly slide the ink cartridge into the black ink spot, so the locking level faces away from Epson Stylus C88 Printer until the cartridge clicks into position.

Close the cartridge lock and cover after the cartridge is installed before pressing the "Ink" button on the printer to charge the new cartridge. The Epson Stylus® C88+ speeds through critical projects and reports, This powerful performer gives you incredible results, whether you're printing a photo or. The hard-working Epson Stylus C88 has the power and flexibility you need to handle In fact, you can easily print frame-ready photos in popular borderless sizes.

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