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Transcription 1 Identive Infrastructure Reference Manual version 1. Disclaimers The content published in this document is believed to be accurate.


Identive does not, however, provide any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of its content and regarding the consequences of the use of information contained herein. If this document has the status Draft, its content is still under internal review and yet to be formally validated. Identive reserves the right to change the content Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module this document without prior notice.


The content of this document supersedes the content of previous versions of the same document. Identive gives no representation or warranty that such descriptions or examples are suitable for the application that the reader may want to use them for.

Should you notice problems with the provided documentation, please provide your feedback to 1. Licenses If the document contains source code examples, they are provided for illustrative purposes only and subject to the following restrictions: You MAY at your own risk use or modify the source code provided in the document in applications you may develop.

If the document contains technical drawings related to Identive products, they are provided for documentation purposes only. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Introduction to the manual 2. This manual describes in detail interfaces and supported commands available for developers using CLOUD45x0 F in their applications. The reader will additionally find in this document important component location to help Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module the design of custom external housing Target audience This document describes the technical implementation of CLOUD 45x0 F.

Identive CLOUD F Reader Module Driver for Linux driver - Driversorg

The manual targets software developers. Should you have questions, you may send them to 2. Product version corresponding to the manual Item Version Hardware 0. Bytes are represented by upper case B where followed by a numbering digit.

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The following paragraph focuses on Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module few specifics of contactless communication to outline usage recommendations in order to ensure best user experience. User credentials 2 are made of a contactless integrated circuit chip connected to an antenna User credentials can take several form factors: The generated current is proportional to the magnetic flux going through the antenna of the user credential Data exchange The carrier frequency of the magnetic field is used as a fundamental clock signal for the communication between the reader and the credential. It is also used as a fundamental clock input for the integrated circuit microprocessor to function. To send data to the user credential the reader modulates the amplitude of the field. To answer the reader, the integrated circuit card of the user credential modulates its way of loading impedance the field generated by the reader.

The presence of conductive materials like metal in the vicinity of the reader and the user credential can significantly degrade the communication and even make it impossible. The magnetic field of the reader generates Eddy or Foucault s currents in the conductive materials; the field is literally absorbed Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module that kind of material. A minimum distance of 2. To prevent the fields of adjacent readers to interfere with each other, a minimum distance between readers of 2. The presence of multiple user credentials in the field also interferes with the communication.

When several user credentials are in the field of the reader, load of the field increases which implies that less energy is available for each of them and that the system is detuned. For this reason, Identive has implemented in its driver only one slot.

Parameters like the geometry Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module especially the relative size of the reader s and credential s antennas directly influence the inductive coupling and therefore the communication. CLOUD 45x0 F was designed and optimized to function with user credentials of various technologies and sizes. In order to optimize the coupling between the reader and the credential, it is recommended to put both antennas as parallel as possible to each other In order to optimize transaction speed between the reader and the card it is recommended to place the credential as close as possible to the reader.

Reader selection

This will increase the amount of energy supplied to the user credential which will then be able to use its microprocessor at higher speeds 3. The application-specific logic has to be implemented by software developers on the host Applications provided by Identive Identive does not provide payment or transport applications or PKI or CAC applications.

There are many tools provided; here are two of them: It is an easy to use tool to configure NFC forum tag demonstrations rapidly, available in our web shop. Smart card commander version 1. This tool is as well part of all our SDKs and available as a stand-alone product. The flash can be upgraded once the device is deployed in the field, hence enabling firmware upgrades to add and potentially patch features.

It is controlled by the device controller through registers. uTrust F Secure Contactless Reader Module. CLOUD F Front Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes the Identive uTrust F a secure and. Identiv uTrust Smart Card Reader Modules · uTrust Smart Card uTrust Identive CLOUD 4510F Reader Module Secure Contactless Reader Module · CLOUD F Front. $

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