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It was established that all of the Cr atoms occupy the next nearest neighbor positions Msi CR40-A2 120D the Al atoms. The energetic and structural characteristics of atomic ordering processes in Fe0. The effect of the chromium impurity on the order-disorder "2 phase transformation temperature and the characteristics of the atomic short-range order were studied. It was suggested that Cr atoms substitute mainly on Al sublattice sites.

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Though no ternary phase was detected upon annealing, the Msi CR40-A2 120D observed phase separation into two isomorphous solid solutions which were depleted or enriched in Cr, respectively. Response variables were selected to characterize several important kinds of toxicological or biological effects within each general category Msi CR40-A2 120D 1. Although a study of effects on fish populations is beyond the scope of the current project, a study of effects on individual fishes is possible through an assessment of liver lesion prevalence.

Benthic macroinvertebrates were selected because of their sensitivity to sediment contamination, their importance in local trophic relationships, and their ability to establish site-specific response gradients relative to sediment contamination.

Form of Indicators To rank areas based on observed contamination effects and to Msi CR40-A2 120D the relative magnitude of these effects, a series of simple indices has been developed for each toxicological and biological effect category i. The indices have the general form of a ratio between the value of a variable at a site in Everett Harbor and the value of the same variable at Msi CR40-A2 120D reference site. The ratios are structured so that the value of the index increases as the deviation from reference conditions increases. It should be noted that these indices are not used in lieu of the original data e.

Msi CR40-A2 120D

The original data are used to identify statistically detectable increases in sediment contamination, sediment toxicity, or biological effect indicators, ar. The indices are used to reduce large data sets into interpretable numbers that reflect the magnitudes of the different indicators among areas. The index Msi CR40-A2 120D sediment toxicity is expressed as: The index for bioaccumulation is expressed as: The fish pathology index is expressed as the elevation in the prevalence of fish with liver lesions relative to the Msi CR40-A2 120D area: Benthic community structure cannot be measured by a single indicator, but by several community indicators associated with toxic biological effects e.

Most of the multiple benthic community structure indices BCI are derived as the inverse ratio of values for these selected community indicators at Everett Harbor sites relative to reference areas: An inverse ratio is used for most benthic community structure indices because values for affected study sites would be lower than those at reference sites. For example, contaminated sites will probably have reduced numbers of species or reduced numbers of amphipods relative to reference sites. An increase in the index would therefore reflect a decrease in absolute value of the variable but an increase in adverse effect relative to reference conditions.


Msi CR40-A2 120D data, rather than actual site data, are used in this case to develop a complete matrix. A detailed discussion of site-specific data for the Everett Harbor decision-making process is presented in the chapter on Identification of Toxic Problem Areas. Theoretical information is presented in Table 3 to demonstrate how information from multiple indicators can be integrated for an overall evaluation and prioritization of different study areas without artificially combining indices mathematically. For this example, only general indices such as "sediment Msi CR40-A2 120D, or "benthic macroinvertebrates" are used.

In the actual application of the approach, multiple indices for specific types of sediment contamination will be evaluated, including separate measures for organic compounds and metals. Similarly, the benthic macroinvertebrates category will be replaced by more specific measures of benthic community structure. Evaluation of information in this format enables the decision- maker to answer the following questions: For example, at Site A, four times fewer species 15 are observed relative to the reference site. Factors for all of the other indices represent increases relative to the reference site values shown. Is there a significant increase in sediment contamination, sediment toxicity, or biological effects at any study area? What combination of Msi CR40-A2 120D are significantly elevated? What are the relative magnitudes of the elevated indices i.

However, note that application of statistical tests to existing data derived from previous studies is not always appropriate, especially when data sets from several studies are pooled. In this case, criteria other than a formal statistical test are used to establish significance of an indicator e. The collection of synoptic data specified in the Sampling and Analysis Plan will allow determinations of statistical significance for most indicators. Tor an explanation of the significance determination for indicators EAR based on existing data, refer to the later section on Preliminary Action Criteria.

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In the theoretical matrix given in Table 3, Areas E and 6 show no significant increase in the various indices relative to reference conditions, although the areas exhibit contamination at four to eight times reference levels. As the general sediment contaminant index increases to 50 times reference levels, only relatively minor increases in sediment toxicity Msi CR40-A2 120D bioaccumulation are observed, although a significant increase in human health risk is associated with the bioaccumulation observed in Area B. As sediment contamination increases above this level, the number of toxicity and biological effects indices with significant elevations increases, and the magnitudes of the indices also increase.

Areas A and C have significant elevations in all five indices. Area C poses the greatest overall threat because it has the highest values in the four biological indices. As will be discussed later in Preliminary Action Criteria, areas with gross sediment contamination, sediment toxicity, or biological effects measured by perhaps only one or two of the indices may nonetheless be evaluated for source control and sediment remedial action. These Msi CR40-A2 120D effect thresholds" are a key part of the overall assessment because they form the basis for identifying areas for further attention i.

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The basic concept of increased biological effects or sediment toxicity resulting from increased sediment Msi CR40-A2 120D is depicted in Figure 5 using an unspecified effects index. Four study areas that have statistically elevated effects are shown in the figure. Release new F/W version D 1. Enhance motherboard compatibility 2.

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