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In case you haven't recieved the packet, please check with your local post office first, because the MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center will arrive there. Duo to different country, some local post office can't offer more detailed tracking status in time, it perhaps only show the shipment infor just left Hong Kong. Please note, it maybe bring the customs tax, please understand these fees were not included in your payment, these fees will be collected by the delivery company, when sign for the packet. Please inquire your country customs office about the tax before perchasing.


We can not mark item as "gift", because the USA and most of countries' prohibit such behavior, thank you MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center your understanding. Return Policy Dear friend, the warranty is 90 days, in case the mobo exist problem, and you want to refund or replace, plase read this before purchased.

PT10 horrible crackling sound - Avid Pro Audio Community

Refund can be accepted in 90 days after you signed MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center package. Please send back the item in original package with all the accessories in it. As I post this it is very late and I need to get some sleep, but the main reason for this post is to see if I can rule it out being a hardware issue.

I intend on performing a clean driver reinstall, so I ask how to best do this, should I use MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center and wipe it completely clean like I did on my old AMD card? Or is there a more preferable way to do this that I am not aware of. Above is my GPU for MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center. As I mentioned my model was ordered in Septemberand has operated with no problems until spontaneously incurring the above problems about a month ago, I figured it was isolated to Grid until the same problem occurred on Drift Streets Japan.

MSI 990xa GD 55 Control center

In fact the problem with Grid did not start occurring until a month ago despite being played before then, and when the problem started it would only happen at one spot on one track, before happening on one other spot. And usually right before this all happens the screen will flicker once or twice like it is going to short out and crash. And yes i have done everything swapped psu both w with plenty of power on the rails, MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center all connections, bread board diagnosis, settings in msi afterburner, riva tuner, hwinfo, deleted drivers, clean reinstalls, different bios, no overclocking on graphics card or mobo Thought i had it when i reinstalled the game on my main ssd oh and that was after I reset the PC cause i played for hours without a hitch.

Then came back to play later that night and voila, crashed again, and MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center, and again. Of course i wanna believe like everyone else here in these forums, that it just can't be the card, right? They did not make the hot-dog. I have no idea if it was the hippo or the MOBO, or both Intel have there act well and truly together since the P4 days, so i have no issues going back if AMD go down the pan. Now that I understands. This morning I felt the itch and so started up P95 with everything at stock. P95 threw errors within 2 minutes.

Black and Blue If your already set up like that take out one RAM module and test stock again for 30 minutes, if pass? Will try your method just the same. Test both one at a time. Take one stick of ram and try it in the first ram slot. If it passes, try another MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center stick in that first slot.

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MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center Try all the ram sticks in that first slot. It the first try in the first slot fails try another ram stick in that same one. Then move to the second ram slot and try all the sticks in that one. You get the point. Test all the slots and all the sticks individually until you have either confirmed or disproved that something is bad.


I'm currently testing the first ram stick in the first slot and Prime95 has been running for 15 minutes without errors. This is better than my last run. Will let it run for 30 minutes as Frakk suggested and will then try the other stick.


Should it pass all the tests with individual sticks, could it mean that stock settings is not providing enough voltage to the DRAM? Now testing Stick 2 in Slot 1. Now testing Stick1-Slot3 the other black-coloured companion to Slot1. It installs on a self-booting CD. Hi everyone, I've got a problem since I bought my motherboard XA-GD55 after I installed the Msi Control Center, I thought my cpu MSI 990XA-GD55 Control Center MSI Control Center. Free Download MSI XA-GD55 Control Center Utility (Other Drivers & Tools).

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