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RTs time between onset of stimulus presentation and click of the response button were measured to an accuracy of 1 msec with a timer board PCE; Amplicon Ltd. The software Amplicon PC214E the perimeter was modified so that data for each presentation x- and y-coordinates, stimulus intensity, RT were recorded to a file. Patients and Data Collection Data were collected from patients mean age, 45 years; range, 12—81attending a Manchester city-center optometric practice for routine eye care.

[PATCH 21/30] staging: comedi: amplc_dio support PCIe, PCIe and PCIe

The only selection criterion was clinical need for visual field screening, based on risk factors for glaucoma or neurologic disease. Most patients Amplicon PC214E had no experience with automated perimetry.


The tests were administered by seven optometric assistants, and patients were instructed using the conventional Amplicon PC214E for automated perimetry. Our study followed the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki, in that the research was free of any risks and no additional burden was placed on the patients.


The complete sample contained data from visual field tests, yielding RTs from 60, responses to Amplicon PC214E stimuli and from false-positive responses to catch trials. A total of patients completed the examination of both eyes. The mean duration of the test was 3.

Software design

The spatial sequence of presentations was randomized. No acoustic warning or feedback signals were provided. During the suprathreshold phase of the test, each location was examined with a stimulus that was presented for msec at an intensity 5 dB brighter than the predicted local threshold. If that stimulus was not Amplicon PC214E, the presentation was repeated at a later stage of the test.

Visual field locations at which both the initial and the repeat 5-dB suprathreshold stimuli Amplicon PC214E been missed were classified as defective and re-examined with suprathreshold increments of 8 and 12 dB. Analysis RT data were analyzed from responses to 5-dB suprathreshold stimuli, excluding those locations at which the stimulus was missed at two presentations Amplicon PC214E that were consequently flagged as defective.

To derive the RT distributions for responses to suprathreshold stimuli and to false-positive catch trials, all available data were used. For Amplicon PC214E summary statistics and comparisons of right and left eye data, only results of tests of patients who completed the examination of both eyes were analyzed. If these patients had repeated a visual field test, only data of the last examination were included. Results Across the population, the mean false-positive response rate to catch trials was 3. RT distributions varied greatly among patients.


Across the sample of patients, individual median RTs ranged from to msec with a group mean of msec Fig. Individual interquartile ranges of RTs extended from 41 to msec, with a group mean of msec. The mean false-positive rate Amplicon PC214E the left eye results 2. Figure 2 gives an example of RTs from a patient with a high false-positive Amplicon PC214E. The RT distributions were usually positively skewed.

A square-root transformation was applied to reduce this skew and to separate the main body of data from early or Amplicon PC214E outliers. To compensate for the large between-subject variability in average latency and dispersion, the square-rooted RTs of stimulus as well as catch trial responses Amplicon PC214E standardized to z-scores using the mean and SD of the stimulus RTs from each visual field test Fig.

Amplicon PC214E ratio between the proportions of false-positive and stimulus responses i. If responses were classified as suspect false-positives simply on the basis of z-scored RTs, the proportion of such responses would be approximately constant throughout the population of patients. Better performance is achieved with an algorithm that determines, iteratively, which values deviate most Amplicon PC214E the mean of the remaining square-rooted sample.

Hardware Supported by Comedi

These values are successively removed if their exclusion reduces the sample Amplicon PC214E by an amount larger than a predetermined criterion V Amplicon PC214E. Internal 1 MHz clock. Internal kHz clock. Internal 10 kHz clock.

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Internal 1 kHz clock. The Amplicon Series of Personal Computer based data acquisition products provides Amplicon PC214E. The PCE board is produced by Amplicon Liveline Limited and. Backwards compatible with PCE and PCE. General Description. The PCI is a plug-in, multi-function digital I/O board which provides 48 bits of.

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