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The keys are synth-weighted, using a spring at the back of the key which stretches when you push down the key.

This is different from some spring designs in which the spring is underneath the key and is compressed when you push down the key. This allows for quick note repetitions, especially when playing a single key with two fingers, alternating between fingers.

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There is very little horizontal play of the white keys, Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound, there is a bit more horizontal play on the black keys, but during normal playing, I haven't found this to be a problem. Still, an updated design in newer units would be appreciated. The keys are smaller than standard full-sized keys you Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound on workstation keyboards and on hammer-action key controllers. This may be a problem for people with bigger hands, as you may accidentally press two keys at the same time. They're also shorter back-to-front length. The shorter back-to-front length may not provide enough space for people with long fingers. However, the black keys are more narrow left-to-right length than full-sized black keys, even when taking into consideration the scaled-down size of ALL keys.

The keys are rounded on the edges, which provides a noticeably smooth feel to them. The finish is flat, with no "woodgrain" texturing found on some keyboards. I prefer the flat finish. It's easy to glide along their surface.

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There is an aftertouch strip spanning the entire underside of the keybed. All keys control the same aftertouch strip. This strip allow you to broadcast MIDI aftertouch when you hold down a key and apply varying pressure while continuing to hold. Aftertouch allows you to change the sound as the Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound sustains by controlling MIDI messages such as volume, pitch, filters, etc. This translates to additional expression of the musical performance.

The free A-Pro Editor. Many users, Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound included, complain about how difficult it is to engage the aftertouch strip. You REALLY have to dig into the key to make it work, especially if you're trying to send a maximum channel aftertouch value of It borders on or beyond the threshold of pain, depending on how strong your hands are. Put another way, the amount of pressure required to send a minimum value of 0 is closer to what it should be to send a maximum value of Fortunately, there is a relatively easy fix to increase the strip's sensitivity to pressure.

: Roland key MIDI Keyboard Controller, black (APRO-R): Musical Instruments

Using a flat head screwdriver, you can turn it clockwise to increase the aftertouch sensitivity. In addition to this adjustment, the A-Pro firmware includes 4 aftertouch curve presets for varying the "pressure-to-value" curve. Aftertouch preset curves 1 and 4 feel the best Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound me. I prefer preset 4 to more easily control smaller aftertouch values from 0 to about 64 and preset 1 to control higher values above Presets 2 and 3 feel too "jumpy. For those unfamiliar with Roland's bender lever, it's a mechanical device which controls two potentiometers. One potentiometer sends pitchbend values; the other, modwheel values. The benefit of this design is that it lets you send pitchbend and modwheel data either one at a time, or at the same time, with full control over both at any point in time.

Roland APRO Pro Midi Keyboard Controller 61 Keys - DJ City

The bender lever is made of rubber. It's easy to hold onto and control. I can maintain control over it, even if only pressing it on one side. Some people love the bender lever, some people hate it. I personally love it, but it does have the following drawbacks: You may accidentally change one control while intentionally changing another.


This can cause problems with some virtual instruments Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound rely on modwheel position to perform dynamic crossfades, or toggle between playing techniques. Generous, creative software bundle. Cons Requires a bit of set up time. Image 1 of 2 Good keyboard action and an impressive control set make the A a serious controller contender. Roland A Pro MIDI controller keyboard Look around the shelves of your nearest technology dealer and you'll see there is no shortage of USB controller keyboards on the market, many offering control sets which stretch way beyond mere note input.

Sliders, dials, transport controls for your DAW of choice Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller Sound pads for alternative note input are now commonplace on the more grown-up models and so this is a very competitive area for any manufacturer to launch a new product into. Unfazed, Roland's new A Pro is here after a previous incarnation as a 'Cakewalk by Roland' controller. That's because inRoland became the majority shareholders in Cakewalk and decided to brand their controllers as such. However the fact remains that these are Roland keys through and through and work great with any DAW.

Hence the sensible renaming.

APRO: MIDI Keyboard Controller - Expressive Key Model from the A-PRO sampler, or virtual Instrument like the included Cakewalk Sound Center or. Way more than a keyboard! Roland's A PRO is one serious MIDI controller.

Beyond having 61 velocity-sensitive keys for playing virtual instruments, this.

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