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The MobileDrive is a bit of a different beast from the rest of the items looked at this month, as it is essentially hard drive technology, but set up to be ejectable. Large "cartridges," which are really hard drives, are inserted into the station.

This setup has several advantages. First, as the device resides on the IDE chain, users can boot from one of the cartridges like they would a regular hard drive. Better however, is the ability to eject a disk with one operating system and reboot with a cartridge containing a different operating system.

Sceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Driver WinNT

For family members using the same computer or multiple users in an office environment, individual cartridges are good for keeping work separated from play, or keeping confidential work private. The second major advantage is speed. Internal hard drives are very fast, and because these are essentially the same thing, speed is comparable.

Windows 98 transferred the 72MB test file in only 20 seconds, and the 72MB directory only took 32 seconds. File transfer under Windows NT took longer, with the file taking 45 seconds, and the directory taking one minute. The third advantage with this system is that the cartridge size isn't limited by the write mechanism, because the write mechanism is contained in the cartridge instead of the docking station.

This allows the user to upgrade to larger hard drives as the technology becomes available, without having to buy a new dock. Currently, cartridge sizes go up to 8GB.

The downsides: Because the cartridges are self-contained hard drives, the pricing on them is more expensive than with removable media that include the disk only. And the docking station demands to be the master on the IDE chain it's on, possibly meaning major system reconfiguration to accommodate it. In the end, though, users looking for an ultra-fast solution with extra-high capacity needn't look further than this. I SuggeefurfReluil Price: Eullmaled Coat ef Medic: When it comes to popularity, the LS drive is right up: The LS technology was: The LS portion stands for "laser setvo," i a technology that allows the drive to fit all MB onto a: What's more, the Sceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Rak drive is backward: This design has allowed the LS drive to be usedas a replacement for the trusty floppy disk.

Combining other quality components to these assures your customers of quality systems.

Whether you need complete systems or need components for upgrades, White Knight Distributing has all the intelligent solutions! Beaver Creek Rd. All other brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners. For the last two years, the sales of printing supplies such as ink and toner cartridges, plus paper, has outpaced thevalue of printer hardware sold in Canada.

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With the Web look becoming the network users' and managers' interface of '. Ntgyyark laaarS With Spaada in the to ppm range are now the norm.

Or 1;44gedpl: I resolutian. But understand the dubious nature of some resolution claims. For example,"1,dpi. In professional graphics art, as well. Patworktjl printer as a: There is likely to be a pariag of some con In the tjj. So companies such as H ewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Xerox, which for years have offered proprietary printer Sceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Rak software,are now faced with the universal Web format and are working to adopt industry wide standards for printer management.

When completed, this will mean much better and more usable printing solutions. In the meantime, many vendors are including a complete Web site on the built-in hard drive of some network printer models, so that endusers can simply call up the URL of a printer, from anywhere inthe world and exchange and print documents.


P RI N T E R S Color printers have higher ticket prices and generally higher maintenance overheads, while color toner and ink costs several times as much per output page as black and white. Color hardcopy often benefits from special high-quality high-priced paper, and color graphics demand higher-end computers, graphics cards, monitors and mass storage. The Battle of the Bran4 js With the Sceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Rak profit opportunity coming from sales of ink and toner cartridges, the major printer vendors have a vested interest in encouraging end-users to buy only namebrand replacement cartridges.

Some companies, such as Xerox, have responded by carefully engineering toner cartridges to be almost impossible to recycle for additional use.

Sony Vaio VPCZ128GX Broadcom BluetoothSceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Driver WinNT
Nec ND-3571ASceptre Notebook S6500 & S6800 Audio Driver WinNT
Toshiba Satellite L870 HDDSSD AlertSound Card Sceptre Drivers

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