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Windows XP Home edition Also available for: Any Windows or Linux operating system although only Windows XP and some versions of Linux are built to take advantage of the processor's hyper-threading technology.


A well-built and well-designed PC Seanix 1558 Modem lots of useful features and enormous computing power; extremely simple setup; 3. The substantial premium for a Pentium 4 chip with hyper-threading technology puts it beyond the financial reach of many users for now; system has USB 1.

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It's an expensive piece of equipment, but if you can afford it and want the latest and greatest desktop computer to turbocharge both your work and play, this system is cutting edge. Computer manufacturers have offered Seanix 1558 Modem attention-grabbing innovations in recent years, aside from packing more power into the box.

The faster processors haven't necessarily been enough to persuade home and business users to dash out and upgrade, since most PCs built in the past few years still Seanix 1558 Modem enough power to run almost anything except the most demanding graphics, video and game software. But Intel's latest processor, the Pentium 4 chip running at 3. For this review, Globetechnology. Basically it's a desktop dream machine for work or play, offering a wealth of features and the best desktop performance money can buy at the moment. Story continues below advertisement The final price of the Cicero depends on the configuration - how much RAM you get, the size of the hard drive, the speed of the video card, and so on.

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It has on-board sound and a gigabit ethernet adapter, as well Seanix 1558 Modem an AGP slot for high-end graphics cards. The Cicero's motherboard is well equipped, but I had a couple of beefs.

First, it had just three PCI slots, which limits how many upgrade cards you can install. The USB technology was also version 1. The strange thing, though, is that the Seanix 1558 Modem is configured for the old FAT32 file system, rather than the more stable, secure and efficient NTFS system.

Switching the drive to NTFS once the operating system has Seanix 1558 Modem installed is a hassle, but I assume they configured the system this way in case people wanted to set up a dual-boot operating system with a older version of Windows, since it's a bit easier to convert a FAT32 hard drive to NTFS than to go the other way. The Radeon is not ATI's top card - at the time of this review, that honour went to the Pro - but it's a decent all-around video accelerator for gaming and multimedia playback. The delivers more than enough performance for all but the most discriminating power-users and power-gamers. The case layout on the Cicero is excellent.

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Besides the usual headphone, microphone and USB ports on the back of the machine, there is also a duplicate set on the front of the case, located near the bottom of the front panel where they are much easier to get at. The mid-tower has three bays, plus a moulded slot for the floppy drive. The case is designed for good airflow, so there's little chance of high-performance processors or video card chips overheating. The fans are slightly noisy, though, producing noticeable background noise in a quiet room. The watt power supply is chunky enough to handle a lot of add-on drives and peripherals, a point many people overlook when buying a PC - some vendors cut corners by installing smaller power supplies, which limits your upgrade options later on. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement This case is also a dream to work on if you're doing an upgrade or repair.

The left and right side panels both slide off for easy access, giving you a full Seanix 1558 Modem of the machine's guts and access to both of the mounting rails for drives.

There's lots of room inside the case, so you don't have to worry about cards butting up against drives and things of that nature. And instead of the usual screws to secure the covers, which require you to haul out a screwdriver every time you want to take a peek inside Seanix 1558 Modem case, the designers used screw-down pins with large steel heads that you can fasten or loosen easily by hand. The black-and-silver machine also came with an optical mouse, a really nice enhanced Internet keyboard with programmable shortcut keys, and stereo speakers. Download the latest drivers for your Seanix 1ACAF to keep your Computer up-to-date.

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Device Name: Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus. Modem OTHER MODEM DRIVERS Drivers - The most up to date database of drivers ever. A collection of links Seanix 1558 Modem Aopen JLV MODEM driver for WinXP R KB / Windows All Seanix Modem Driver. KB / Windows.

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