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The mouse also has three Shiftable Report Rates — Hz, Hz and Hz — enabling users to choose the best one for office, drawing or game-playing applications. Also available is A4Tech G9-310 programmable-gesture function that lets users quickly issue commands in an application simply by continually pressing the right mouse-button and moving the mouse in one of up to 16 predetermined directions.

Other features include, radio frequency RF signal indication to find the optimal location, channel-lock setting to set a specific channel to avoid RF A4Tech G9-310, and low battery warning, as well as sleep and wake-up settings. The mouse will also automatically power down A4Tech G9-310 the PC is switched off.

Comment 19 muf I am on archlinux too. How A4Tech G9-310 you applied the patch on the archlinux package?

Comment 20 Leszek Lesner The Patch in Comment 11 https: Please also apply this patch upstream. Comment 21 Peter Hutterer Comment 22 Mauro Santos See https: The patch suggested above solved the A4Tech G9-310.

A4 Tech N-310 Optical Mouse

Why isn't it yet included yet in the code base? Comment 24 Daniel Spannbauer Same here Kernel 4. Regards Comment 25 Peter Hutterer Of all event A4Tech G9-310, so I can recreate the setup here. A4Tech G9-310 Comment 26 Niels Ole Salscheider I think it will work if the logitechs etc. Regards Daniel Comment 33 Jarno Suni Comment 34 Peter Hutterer It's a design issue with the X server and cannot easily be fixed without breaking other things.


The source of the issue is that the server provides two devices, a master pointer A4Tech G9-310 a master keyboard. All physical "slave" devices hang off either of those, depending on the device type.

A4TECH G3-310N Mouse Wireless

The XI2 spec says a device is attached to only one master at a time, that attachment is exposed in the XIQueryDevice request. When we alternate between two devices of the same type, the XIDeviceChangedEvent signals which device is now the one generating events plus the device classes. That device ID is also exposed A4Tech G9-310 sourceid in every event.

Where it gets tricky now are devices that look like both pointer and keyboard and generate both types of events as well. The server already A4Tech G9-310 a couple of hacks to route the events more-or-less correctly, but a bunch of other things A4Tech G9-310 work - see this bug report.

Asrock Z68M-ITXHT Realtek LANYour Personal Data
Sony Vaio VPCEE26FX TouchPad SettingsA4Tech G9-310-6 mouse RF Wireless 2000 DPI Ambidextrous

A solution for this bug would be to have UpdateFromMaster split between pointer and keyboard and partially copy the A4Tech G9-310 device's classes into the respective master. But now the device is attached to two devices simultaneously, this may break existing clients. Anyway, doing this correctly is tricky and piling on more hacks will make the code even harder to fix, and tbh. So at this point I think the only useful solution is to change the input drivers libinput and evdev to split any such device up into two separate X devices and have the events routed in the driver already.

A4Tech Mouse drivers.

Thus your devices would show up as two devices for one event node, one that is a nice and pure pointer, A4Tech G9-310 that is a pure keyboard. The driver routes the events accordingly, and none of the hacks in the server are even triggered. I can't think of a technical downside of this other than the work requiredA4Tech G9-310 would clean up the event handling and may fix a couple of other related bugs on the way.

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There is precedence for this, the wacom driver already initialises multiple X devices for a single event node A4Tech G9-310 does that routing of events. So yeah, I think this is really the only solution that won't open another can of worms.


Comment 35 Peter Hutterer Download A4Tech G Mouse Driver v9 (Keyboard & Mouse). User Manual Model:G THIS DEVICE COMPLIES WITH PART 15 A4Tech G9-310 THE FCC RULES. OPERATION IS SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING.

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