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Because the screen is so large, it can sometimes be difficult Acer U Series perform long gestures such as closing apps by swiping from the top to the bottom of the screen. Friction can be an uncomfortable problem over such long distances on the screen.

You'll want to keep the screen clean, using the supplied micro fibre cloth, and because it's a glossy screen, reflections will be a problem. You'll Acer U Series to try and manage these by tilting and turning the machine so that light sources aren't directly behind you. It's a screen that possesses great viewing angles though, so pictures and video can end up looking great on it. In addition to the touchscreen, keyboard and mouse, the Aspire U Series offers gesture control through its webcam and a pre-installed Acer U Series utility called PointGrab. With this software, you can sit in front of the screen and wave your arm from left to right to switch between applications, or you can wave your arm from right to left to bring up charms.

You can also move the pointer around the screen the pointer turns into a hand and 'click' things with your hand, but it is not Acer U Series easy thing to do. It's very much a novelty function rather than something that can be used in a practical way.

Acer U Series All-In-Ones make Windows 8 a real possibility

Speakers Acer U Series stealthily built in to the system, but the sound from them is not as amazing as the product documentation would have you believe. By default, a surround sound effect is enabled, which makes music sound far different from how it's meant to sound.

It can be disabled. Overall though, Acer U Series sound from the speakers is average at best and you'd be better served by a pair of headphones or external speakers. Connections The ports and slots are located along the sides and at the rear of the unit, and you have quite a few options at your disposal. The left side has two USB 3.

One HDMI port is an output so that you can use the all-in-one with a second monitor or a TV, and the other two are inputs so that you can plug in external device and use the all-in-one's monitor as a display device — this even works when the PC is powered down. Dual-band, Some models will even have NFC. The ports on the left side. The ports on the rear. The power port on the end of the stand. All the ports are located in the top-rear portion of the machine, which is a little thicker than the bottom half of the screen in order to accommodate the motherboard. Notebook technology has been used in Acer U Series to make the Acer U Series U Series thin.

Acer Aspire TimelineU M3 Series - External Reviews

It has two cores and Hyper-Threading, so it's fast Acer U Series everyday tasks and useful for multitasking. Performance Overall performance in our tests was swift. All of these are solid results and the DVD-to-Xvid conversion time is especially encouraging if you want to use this PC for tougher-than-usual tasks.


While the machine is running, its fan will make some noticeable noise, but we didn't find it to be too distracting in our environment. You'll be able Acer U Series play games on this all-in-one PC, but some won't play smoothly at the native xpixel resolution of the screen.

You'll have to play at more modest resolutions and graphics detail levels in order to maintain a playable frame rate. This is a 2. It's not the fastest drive we've ever seen, recording The machine is outfitted with Movies look very nice on Acer U Series Aspire U. Sound from the Aspire U is clear, but thin. Acer says this voids the computer's warranty, but there are no anti-tamper stickers, so there's little warning to consumers who buy one.


The hard-drive caddy is in plain sight, held in place by a single screw. Upgrading the memory or adding an Acer U Series TV tuner would be easy.

Aspire U27 Desktops Acer United States

Upgrading to an SSD? No so much. Replacing the hard drive is no problem, but you would need a very capable cloning program that understands UEFI.

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That means you can't boot from a flash drive or even normal optical boot discs although it Acer U Series boot using a factory-pressed Windows 8 DVD. Acer Desktops Aspire U Explore all the features, information and review of the Desktops Aspire U Acer's Aspire U Series all-in-one machine features a 27in capacitive even big 27in models such as this Acer Aspire U Series (U).

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