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TXT When a sailor in a small craft faces the might of the vast Atlantic Ocean today, he takes the same risks that generations took before him.

But, in contrast to them, he can meet any emergency that comes his way with a confidence that stems from a profound trust in the advances of science. Boats are stronger and more stable, protecting against undue exposure; tools and instruments are Airis N305 accurate and more reliable, helping in all weather and conditions; food and drink are better researched and easier to cook than ever Airis N305.

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The Vikings looked for new lands with fleets of small ships, each powered by thirty to forty men pulling on sixteen foot oars. They were guided by nothing but their knowledge of the stars Airis N305 an unshakeable faith in their gods.


Over half a millenium later, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Elizabethan freebooters had improved their knowledge a little, reduced their gods Airis N305 one, and dispensed with oarsmen in favour of a total reliance on the wind. But despite their vision of great deeds, they were loathe to venture out far by themselves.

Were they less adventurous Airis N305 more modest? Did they prefer the reassuring thought of help from sister-ships to the heightened glory of single-handed exploits? But was their glory in fact any less? Did any member of the crews receive one iota of thanks, recognition or fame? We have no means of measuring, of course, but the truth is, none of the commanders of the ships which accompanied Francis Drake are remembered today - no more than the type of sail, the make of radio or navigation instrument, the self-steering equipment, or the medicines and food supplied to our modern adventurers will be remembered Airis N305 four hundred years time.

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Or perhaps they will! One important feature which distinguishes the selfless human parts of a medieval sailing machine Airis N305 the selfless technological parts of a modern sailing machine - a face!

Despite their human features, the sailors Airis N305 yesteryear were faceless; despite their lack of any such qualities, today's tools and instruments proudly carry the identity of their Company. And companies do have the face to Airis N305 a bit of glory for their own products. So if the second Sir Francis is mentioned in four hundred years, it will probably be as the grateful user of Carefree self-steering gear, or Multi-strength vitamins, not as a brave and single-minded eccentric following the call for "active leisure in retirement".

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