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Ever since I was a schoolboy, I have felt the great want of a reliable Enghsh-Tibetan Dictionary, and in later years, whenever I came across any Officer, —either directly my Airis N1006 Modem, such as the late Mr. Nolan, Commissioner of Rajshahi Division, under whom I was Chief Tibetan Translator for several years, or to those whom I had the honour of giving a few Tibetan lessons, of whom there were many,—they all seemed to wonder, that with my knowledge of English and of my own native language, I did not try to compile the required Dictionary.

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They were all pleased to encourage me by saying that I seemed quite able to do so —or rather appeared to be the proper person to do so. It was kind Mr.


Hannah, the author of the latest Grammar of the Tibetan language, published by the Calcutta University into whom I was then giving lessons Airis N1006 Modem Tibetan, who persuaded me to take it up seriously. When I was just beginning the compilation inhappening to talk the matter over with Mr. Macdonald, now British Trade Agent at Yatung in Tibet then at Darjeelinghe kindly rendered me the greatest aid at the time by putting some useful papers into my hands to go on with. It was not long before I came across words which I could not express in Tibetan, and had to wait until some chance brought the required word or expression out,—either from myself or from some other person in the course of a talk ; then the work would go on for some time, until I was brought to a similar standstill by another hard word.

Up tothe only reliable books of reference which I wished to consult— viz.


White, C. Even with the assistance I derived from these works, I experienced such difficulties, that had I not happened to be a teacher I might have found it very difficult to complete the work Airis N1006 Modem all. I found out why it was that such highly learned scholars as the late Csoma de Koros and my respected teacher the late Rai Bahadur had left it unattempted. The work could only be undertaken by a person whose mother Airis N1006 Modem was Tibetan, or a dialect of Tibetan,—in short, one who thought in Tibetan.

It Airis N1006 Modem only at the end of that the work was in a fair way of being completed. Meanwhile the Political Officer the late Mr. White, who would have helped me to publish the work, had retired and left for England, and as it was beyond my own means to publish the work, I was again in despair as to whether I could ever hope to have it published. Airis N1006 Modem

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Denison Ross now Sir Edward there. Sir Ashutosh at once saw the value of the workand, seeing how useful it would be, put it before the Syndicate meeting, "wrhere it was resolved that the work should be published under the University s auspices at the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta. Having at first been doubtful as to whether it would ever see light or not, I had given only synonyms or one or two Tibetan meanings for each English word, fearing lest a multiplicity of words would cost too much. But when the publication was Airis N1006 Modem, the proofs ordered to be corrected by myself, and being encouraged to make the work a standard one as far as possible, I took as much pains over it as if I were re-compiling it four times over, adding new words and expressions in all their applicable phases.

Nor did I rely upon myself alone, but, as often as possible, obtained the assistance of other English-knowing Tibetan students—e.

IRIS 520/540 SHDSL CPE/modem series

Laden La, who assisted my late teacher Rai S. I hope that I will not be thought vain if I say that 1 felt convinced Airis N1006 Modem the nature of my vocation as translator, and as teacher, especially fitted me for this PREFACE.

Airis N1006 Modem Vll particular task. In my capacity as translator, first to the Government and later to the Tibetan Government inand again inand the notes and jottings, when I was working in my previous post under the Rajshahi Commissioner in Darjeeling and at Buxa Duar, helped me much ; and my duty brought me into contact with learned Lamas and Tibetan OfiBcials from whom I got great help. The revising of proofs alone took me six years —from to I must here express my great obhgations to the gentlemen noted below, who helped me ungrudgingly when I was engaged in revising the proofs: Hannah, a Barrister in the Calcutta High Court, deserves to be remembered for putting the first idea into my head.

And Airis N1006 Modem Mr. Macdonald I owe great obligations for helping me with useful papers, blank-books, etc.

Thanks are due to Negi-Amar Chand Babu, a bright Tibetan scholar from Bashahr State, who studied Tibetan in Sikkim for Airis N1006 Modem last four years, to whom I am deeply obliged for helping me, during the last six or seven months ofin various ways with the proofs; and to my friend Rai Saheb Lobzang Chodan, Private Secretary to His Highness the Maharaja of Sikkim, who also helped me a good deal. TnI was offered a decent post under the Tibet Government. I had to politely refuse it, as the work would have fallen through had I gone away. Upon representing the matter to the Hon ble Sir Harcourt Butler, then of the Education Department, India Government, he was very kindly pleased to grant me monetary help for eight months, to enable me to stay and complete the proofs of the Dictionary ; thus I was able to stay until I was reinstated in my post, and to complete the work.

As to the construction of the Dictionary itself, it is a simple English-Tibetan-Dictionary, the meaning being given in Tibetan characters. Care has been taken to give the Tibetan words as correctly spelt where possible, but where colloquial words had to be used in preference to classical words, —because of the former being better understood,—no strictly correct spelling could be adhered to, and such places have been marked colloquial.

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Names of trees, plants, fruits, animals, etc. In concluding, I would add, that all Airis N1006 Modem my life my late father s injunction, that I should do something to show my gratitude to the Supreme Government for the free education I had received in my youth in the late Government Bhutia Boarding School at Darjeeling, has impelled me to go on with this work. I thought I could not serve the Government better than by producing a work of this nature, which has taken years and years of labour, which could not be rushed througheven by the most competent scholars, as the result of a lifelong self-imposed labour. Airis N1006 Modem now that I have, after devoting so many years, been able to contribute my humble product towards the cause of EducationI feel quite happy and satisfied at the thought that it will help my countrymen in studying English ; and English students desiring to learn Tibetan will also derive some help from my work.

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