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The top has a matte finish and is divided with a trio of centred lines, and one corner is cut-away to show off more LEDs. The Alpha is mm wide, mm deep and 56mm tall; the PS4 is 3mm shorter but is mm wide and mm deep. The Xbox One, meanwhile, is much larger at Alienware Alpha long and 79mm tall. Windows Alienware Alpha vs Windows 7: Should you upgrade?

The Alpha compares well to PC rivals, too. Its design is more mature than the Alienware Alpha Vapor Iand the Syber is bigger and heavier — mm wide and a whopping 5.

The Alpha undercuts rivals for size and weight, and still manages to match the competition for build quality, with a Alienware Alpha sturdy feel and no creaking joints. Its internals are accessible: Best Gaming Laptop Round-up The sensible design means most components can Alienware Alpha changed.


Our sample has a memory slot free, the hard disk is a 2. That wireless connection is a good start, and connectivity is reasonable elsewhere. The Xbox One was overall very smooth in frame rate, but the reason why Alienware Alpha pretty clear to me: If you looked at this image of Far Cry 4, pushed your palms into your eyes and stepped a foot or two away from your monitor, you'd get the image quality of an Xbox One in this new shooter.

The texture detail on the Xbox One is simply atrocious next to the Alpha's. The resolution may have Alienware Alpha p coming out of the HDMI port on the Xbone, but it had been clearly upsampled and stomped on so much that Nino Brown would bust a cap in you if he knew you'd stepped on his product this much.


So score one for the Alpha: Its image quality definitely puts the hurt on at least one of the next-gen consoles. I asked another editor and another resident console gamer, and both gave Alienware Alpha big thumbs-up to the Alpha in visual quality. I would have preferred to do a frame capture on the Xbox One as well, but the unit doesn't let you do so at p. I could have captured video and snapped a cap, but doing so would also induce image quality reductions, and I didn't want to be accused of handicapping the Xbox One. Just believe me, it looks far better on the Alpha.

Alienware Alpha

Without going too far down the console architecture rabbit hole, more memory bandwidth generally improves graphics performance. It's just easier to lower the Alienware Alpha or texture quality to get frame rates higher. The hard truth is that for a lot of games, the Alpha is going to look sharper with textures you can bite on, versus the soft-upsampled games. And no, I didn't have a PS4 to compare to the Alpha, so this isn't a conspiracy to put the Alpha only against the lesser of the two consoles. Gordon Mah Ung This small cubby is where the dongle would have gone for Valve's Steam controller if it had actually shipped on time.

What it costs That brings us to cost.


Clearly the consoles have the price advantage. Alienware argues Alienware Alpha you can easily close that gap buying games on Steam. Cooling Alienware Alpha handled by two blower-style fans that vent hot air out the rear of the unit.

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In theory anyway. The upshot The Alienware Alpha should be viewed as a great console complement, rather than a replacement. If that console gamer, however, wanted to sail the vast ocean of PC gaming, where fantastic titles can be had for a pittance, the Alpha would be a wonderful addition Alienware Alpha a shelf that already holds the Xbox One, PS4, Ouya and Wii. The real killer application for the Alpha, though, is as a small gaming and general-use computer.

Alienware Alpha: Mini Gaming PC with 6th Gen Intel Core Dell United States

The fact that you can also run Office, Photoshop, and other productivity apps make Alienware Alpha far more useful as a first game "console. Now featuring 6th Gen Intel processors, the Alpha packs unexpected power in an ultra-small form factor.

The rules of desktop gaming have ing System‎: ‎; Dawn of a new era. The Alienware Alpha Alienware Alpha the freedom of PC gaming with the ease of a console. The exclusive Alienware-developed user interface.

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