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The notebook itself weighs two pounds more, and the power brick is also a pound heavier than the one included with Alienware's Area Alienware Falcon II Leistung zufriedenstellend Comparison, online available, Very Long, Date: IT Reviews You don't have to be a sci-fi fan to be an admirer of Alienware's computers but there's no denying their otherworldly designs make the hairs rise on Alienware Falcon II back of your neck when you take the machines out the box.

The Area m is the Alien Queen of notebooks: For a start the colour is described as Stealth Black, a matt finish that cleverly resists leaving the mark of your fingerprints after you've touched it. Unfortunately every Alien Queen has Alienware Falcon II acid side and m's is the layout.

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Leistung sehr gut Alienware Falcon II Review, online available, Short, Date: PC Advisor Its giant dimensions seem like overkill: The Alienware, then, is a Alienware Falcon II designed for static use, rather than being carted about from place to place. Its ridged, all black casing is certainly durable, but the brutish Alienware Area m doesn't look all that attractive, particularly when set alongside similarly sized laptops. When it comes to its main selling point — entertainment — the Alienware Area m is hard to fault. The large speakers with subwoofers at the front produce full and booming surround sound, while Alienware has crammed in a multi-format drive that includes DVD-RAM useful for archiving video you've editeda TV tuner and 1.

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Alienware has gone crazy with its latest flagship laptop. The breakthrough offering is the first inch laptop to fuse the astounding graphics capabilities of dual MB nVidia GeForce Go GTX graphics cards and Alienware Falcon II blazing speed of Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors, making it a dream system for mobile gamers and design professionals. Tom's Guide The Alienware Area m and Eurocom MRU Divine-X provided similar performance value, with the more expensive Alienware system providing an overall performance gain almost equal to its price premium.

The Area m is easily the better value for people who only want to game and can afford its higher price, while the MRU Divine-X is the better value Alienware Falcon II general purpose users who can live with a little less gaming power. The difference between these tests could be as much as a few percent, but both systems will apparently play a Alienware Falcon II for just under 1. The Alienware system's larger battery is able to keep it going this long because the cards are both in power-saving 2D mode.


Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: Had I been using a USB keyboard instead of the integrated one, I really might have thought I was using a nice desktop gaming rig. They have a history of offering top of the line gaming rigs, that look great and offer customization to any customer needs. The new Alienware Aream plunges head first into the HD market as to one of the first laptops that offer an optional blu-ray drive Alienware Falcon II early adopters, while still Alienware Falcon II gamers with dual graphic cards with SLI support. This is one mean machine.

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With the unprecedented versatility of the Intel Core 2 Duo Chip, dueling nVidia video cards with SLI enabled and an HD 17 inch screen, there is very little this notebook cannot achieve Alienware Falcon II it comes to gaming. Reg Hardware One word can describe the Alienware Area m Even though it's only a fraction of the size of your typical CPU tower, the Navigator Pro's specs read like those of a high-end Alienware Falcon II, starting with a capable 2. The Navigator Pro's most noteworthy features, however, are the ones tailored to Microsoft's Media Center applications. The package also includes an IR blaster, in case you need to control a set-top box.

TV images looked soft and somewhat muted on the included monitor, but we suspect that the culprit is the tuner card or the Media Center software rather than the monitor and graphics card since DVD movies looked sharp on the same monitor.

Falcon Northwest vs. Alienware vs ???

The remote control lets you kick back. I'm trying to decide between an Alienware and a Falcon Northwest.


#2. go with FNW. more established company they have been around.

82% Alienware Area m - Core 2 Duo T GHz - 17" TFT. Exploring companies such as Dell (again), WidowPC, Falcon Northwest, Voodoo PC.

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