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Boot Order Allows you to: Specify the order in which attached devices such as a USB flash media device, hard drive, optical drive, or network interface card are checked for a bootable operating system image. Each device on the list may be individually excluded from or included for consideration as a bootable operating system source. Specify the order of attached hard drives.

The first hard drive in the order will have priority in the boot sequence and will be recognized as drive C if any devices are attached. MS-DOS drive lettering assignments may not apply after a non-ms-dos operating system has started.

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Shortcut to Temporarily Override Boot Order To boot one time from a device other than the default device specified in Boot Order, restart the computer and press F9 when the monitor light turns green. After Analog Devices Compaq Presario 1200-XL101 is completed, a list of bootable devices is displayed. Use the arrow keys to select the preferred bootable device and press Enter. The computer then boots from the selected non-default device for this one time. If the setup password is set, it is required to change Computer Setup options, flash the ROM, and make changes to certain plug and play settings under Windows.

See the Desktop Management Guide for more information. The power-on password prompt appears after a power cycle. If the user does not enter the correct power-on password, the unit will not boot.

Password Options This selection appears only if a power-on password or setup password is set. Smart Cover some models Allows you to: Notify User alerts the user that the sensor has detected Analog Devices Compaq Presario 1200-XL101 the cover has been removed. Setup Password requires that the setup password be entered to boot the computer if the sensor detects that the cover has been removed. This feature is supported on some models only. Feature available on NIC models only; the network controller must be either a PCI expansion card or embedded on the system board.

Allows you to set: Asset tag byte identifiera property identification number assigned by the company to the computer. Ownership tag byte identifier displayed during POST.

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The UUID can only be updated if the current chassis serial number is invalid. These ID numbers are normally set in the factory and are used to uniquely identify the system. DriveLock Security Allows you to assign or modify a master or user password for hard drives. If neither is successfully entered, the hard drive will remain inaccessible until one of the passwords is successfully provided during a subsequent cold-boot sequence. This selection will only appear when at least one drive that supports the DriveLock feature Analog Devices Compaq Presario 1200-XL101 attached to the system.

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This may allow viewing of some protected high definition content that would otherwise be prohibited from playback. Changing this setting requires turning the computer off and then back on.

To enable this feature you Analog Devices Compaq Presario 1200-XL101 enable the following features: To configure the Embedded Security Device, a Setup password must be set. The embedded security device is a critical component of many security schemes. Erasing the security keys will prevent access to data protected by the Embedded Security Device. Choosing Reset to Factory Settings may result in significant data loss.

To enable this option, a Setup password must be set. Saves of copy of the current master boot record. Provides a method to allow end-users limited access to change specified setup options, without having to know Analog Devices Compaq Presario 1200-XL101 Setup Password. This feature allows the administrator the flexibility to protect changes to essential setup options, while allowing the user to view system settings and configure nonessential options. The administrator specifies access rights to individual setup options on a case-by-case basis via the Setup Security Level menu. By default, all setup options are assigned Setup Password, indicating the user must enter the correct Setup Password during POST to make changes to any of the options.

Compaq Presario,Presario 18XL390 Supplementary Manual

The administrator may set individual items to None, indicating the user can make changes to the specified options when setup has been accessed with invalid passwords. Setup Browse Mode must be set to Enable in order for the user to enter Setup without knowing the setup password.

Allows certain operating systems to reduce processor voltage and frequency when the current software load does not require the full capabilities of the processor. Allows certain operating systems to decrease the processors power consumption when the processor is idle.

Maintenance and Service Guide. HP Compaq f Elite Business PC Ultra-slim Desktop - PDF

This feature is designed to provide a visual indication of what sleep state the system is in. guide when servicing the Compaq Presario Series Notebook Computers.

Compaq Computer XL, XL, XL XL, XL, XL Ground Analog. 14. Disconnect any external devices that you do not want to test. Do not.

PDF User Manual for Device and Web Application

Analog Devices driver. Analog Devices Sound Card Drivers. (It works in a Compaq Presario XL You can use with the following.

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