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The Weather Tap is an affordable and scalable solution that collects solar energy in the dry months and harvests rainwater during the monsoon.

AIMS Lab highway tv Collected rainwater is filtered to become potable, while solar energy that is collected is used to desalinate sea water into fresh drinking water, resulting in a continuous local fresh water supply all year round. The Rickshaw Highway is a proposal convert unused infrastructure into a localised transportation network for autos and bicycles by adopting the interstitial spaces of these existing pipelines. This could connect poorly accessible urban areas to the transit network while offering links between highly productive slums in the centre and large industrial suburbs.

Bursting train carriages are testament to the need to bring more people efficiently to and from the suburbs. Local transportation, however, is still underdeveloped. Transit lines cut through areas of extreme population density without offering direct access.

Auto Rickshaws bridge this gap and provide millions of people with cheap and fast home-stretch transportation. The Skyride adopts the simple technology of the Skywalk to offer dedicated two level elevated decks for bicycles and rickshaws, connecting transit infrastructure to where the people are. The Heart of Mumbai concept aims to AIMS Lab highway tv connections between North and South Mumbai; formal and informal areas.

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It promotes the geographic centre of the island as a strategic hub for future development with great potential for access to public space and amenities. However ambitious this land-use formula may seem, our research shows that this configuration has evolved in many patches across the island, as the below images indicate. By creating a typology that combines extreme population density with an impressive built volume and much needed open space, Mumbaikers can have their cake and eat it too. After the various research projects we can conclude that Mumbai should be understood as a highly fragmented urban landscape, both spatially AIMS Lab highway tv socially. Half of the population, scattered across the entire metropolitan area, cannot equally partake in the formal part of the city and its public facilities. Though omnipresent, the slums remain invisible in the minds of planners and policymakers alike.

AIMS Lab highway tv

CHP's 'I Challenge' aims to crack down on distracted driving abccom

Large-scale top-down conceived projects, such as transit lines, utilities and public spaces, both fail in their effort to address the many pressing issues and to reach the population in equal measures. This amounts to different forms of time-poverty, or the reduced access to public amenities and space and its consequential impact on private time. As a result, opportunities to experience privacy in its most fundamental form as measured in terms of space and time-scarcity are severely diminished. Simultaneously, the many micro-scale efforts to improve slum conditions fail to align with higher-scale ambitions and remain ad hoc.

Working on the intermediate scale, the steering committee and action group AIMS Lab highway tv United Mumbai work together to offer concrete proposals to bridge these gaps, that are translated to proposal proposals. The detailed maps that have been produced trace how the fragments of informal settlements can best connect to infrastructure in order to reach the densest moments in the urban fabric and reach more people more efficiently. Technical solutions, or prototypes, will be further developed to make the informal city more autonomous with regards to water, food and energy needs. The ultimate goal will be to AIMS Lab highway tv and technically patch the many plots together and grant the informal city equal access and an equal position in the urban layout.

New roundabout aims to make Hwy. 9 safer in growing Marysville

This requires a new collaborative approach AIMS Lab highway tv planning. The Land Link offers a first concrete step towards connecting Mumbai at the neighbourhood level. In the Meet in the Middle public program, these design proposals have served to ignite discussions on how to achieve a collaborative approach by engaging stakeholders at different scales. The outcome is a planning manifesto outlining the guidelines for pilot projects to be abide by.


Manifesto United Mumbai is a set of six principles formulated to guide action towards a more efficient, livable and sustainable city. These principles are the result of in-depth research and extensive expert and stakeholder meetings aimed to pinpoint caveats and obstacles in current planning and define workable solutions. Spatial integration is the main objective in order to improve the overall cohesion of AIMS Lab highway tv city and ultimately arrive at a United Mumbai. The first principle demands for each United Mumbai project stakeholders commitment of community representatives, NGOs or private entities and government representatives in an equal capacity.


Nurturing public-semi-private partnerships and new business models viable within the unleveled playing field of Mumbai. Construction havoc The change on Highway 9 makes some people uneasy. George Schlosser owns the K9 Korral, a converted small farm two miles northeast. It houses as many as dogs, brought from Arlington, Lake Stevens, AIMS Lab highway tv and beyond, for day care or boarding.

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Two weeks of roundabout construction caused its own havoc, by blocking east-west access. Diverted motorists have been making U-turns on Highway 9 just north of the circle, and there have been at least four crashes in the past two weeks, north of the circle.

For more photos, visit, https: The PSI features a state-of-the-art burn building, drill ground area for fire, police, and EMS training, science labs, Smart classrooms, computer labs, CPAT testing, student services to include registration, Accuplacer testing, Advising and Tutoring Services, sim rooms for Paramedic and EMT training, work out room for physical-fitness training, Medical Assistant lab with exam rooms, locker rooms and general education offerings so students can complete their degree requirements on site. Nearest to frequency station is AIMS Lab highway tv and, if found, tuned to. Seller Notes: “For your consideration a used, fully functional and well taken cared Aims Lab Video Highway Xtreme PCI BT based TV & FM Tuner Card. Aimslab Video Highway Xtreme Drivers for Windows 95/98/ME/SE/ and Now you can install your favorite TV-Tuner software like MoreTV(

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