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VR-Zone Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Gigabyte to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.

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However, the company Philips HTS513178 Home Theater taking a different and in our opinion better approach than its competitors when it comes to adding support for wireless connectivity. Gigabyte has already had leaks with regards to some of the features of its upcoming X79 motherboards and today we have an exclusive leak of our own, Gigabyte is going to add Bluetooth 4. Asus has added a proprietary raiser card for its P9X79 Deluxe which is a custom designed USB setup as far as we can tell. Philips HTS513178 Home Theater companies are also only offering Bluetooth 3.


Gigabyte decided to go with a slightly more sensible solution and one that has a bit of future proofing thrown in for good measure. Philips HTS513178 Home Theater unusual thing with this adapter is that it has a USB pin-header that attaches to the USB pin-header on the motherboard. This is for the Bluetooth 4.

Philips Soundbar Home Theater Hts - Modern Home Interior Ideas •

There s also a USB port on the card — a feature we ve never seen before — to which you can attach any USB Philips HTS513178 Home Theater with a standard USB connector, a neat addition that we re sure plenty of people will find useful. The Bluetooth part of the card is compatible with Bluetooth 3.

For now very few devices are available that supports Bluetooth 4. That said, it s not meant to a standard for syncing files or using Bluetooth headsets, instead it s meant to connect to low power sensors or home automation solutions, but we ll see how things develop. October 31st, Published by: This translates to no MIMO support which is needed to hit Wi-Fi speeds of Mbps or more, but hopefully this is something we ll see in future revisions. Assassin 2, but we re hoping that Gigabyte will be selling it on its own as Philips HTS513178 Home Theater, as it s an easy way to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to any desktop PC. We give our readers a glimpse of the new member of our extensive heat sink collection. If your local electronics mall doesn t have what you want, or not at the price you want, try Shenzhen s Huaqiang Road first - it s likely much cheaper with wide choices, and just a budget flight away.

Huaqiang Road instead of Akihabara For quite a long time now, it is Far Eastern cities that have the largest, glitziest and choicest computer and electronics shopping malls around.

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While the tradition started in US and Europe long before, it s here now that every major city has a full fledge electronics district with multiple large centres covering everything from consumer electronics to computers and components. However, one particular place is seemingly bound to overtake them all. Being right at the source means that any shopping for the stuff we want would be quite direct without too many hops, and also greater likelihood of finding some unusual stuff. While Shenzhen and neighbouring Dongguan city have the electronics factories and design Philips HTS513178 Home Theater spread across their whole municipalities, the focal area of electronics shopping, both end user and channel wise, Philips HTS513178 Home Theater Huaqiang North Road Huaqiangbeilua long street located in the centre of the city between the Luohu Lowu and Futian CBDs.

The main street, as well as its numerous back alleys full of even more electronics related bazaars, is served well by two metro lines, one of which connects to both the main Philips HTS513178 Home Theater HK border crossing and the Shenzhen airport, while the other one, with a station in the northern part of the street, links to the Shekou international ferry port with its direct service to HK Airport departure halls, bypassing HK immigration and the security. So, no problems getting there. The roughly half a mile of length of Huaqiang North road street level between these two metro stations contains about a dozen electronics malls of different sizes, with the two largest ones SEG Plaza and the Philips HTS513178 Home Theater Electronic World - being million square-ft sized gigantic establishments.

SEG Plaza, topped up by a 72 storey m tower.

Philips HTS/78 User manual (Español) download

The rest of the malls, along the main street, as well as Philips HTS513178 Home Theater dozen or so malls in the back alleys, focus more on specific areas, like only communication electronics, mobile phone accessories, or security products, or batteries, or LED displays, and so on. The lower floors are a good point to look at first, as it is a heaven for component seekers.


Any kind of PCIe connector, or memory or FPGA or flash chip, or funniest wires, batteries, disk drives, even screws, you could ever think of - have a look! There are all the mainboards, cases, monitors, enclosures with PSUs and such. You ll find the same high end offerings too, just like here. Many things are cheaper, especially things like enclosures and, yes, monitors. For the parts such as memories October 31st, Published by: VR-Zone 6 and disks, usually the price will be slightly lower than here, but there were cases where, on the first inquiry, some vendors will try to play too smart with high prices.

Philips HTS513178 Home Theater

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Electronics is quite a challenging business to make high margins anyway. Either way, SEG Plaza and the Huaqiang Electronic World will pretty much take you most of one day - the other day should be there to check the smaller malls and their oddity of things on offer.

The places are so huge, there is so much on offer, and with very special offers for things you d never think you could find - whether it s a super custom cellphone enhancement, or an odd chip from days gone by, or parts for your own home radar - this is the next mecca for electronics afficionados. This board is packed to the brim with connectivity options, a meatier VRM, and better memory expansion compared to the Extreme7. Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a feature for you to enjoy the sound of the TV from the Home Theatre system without having to connect a second cable in. Philips SoundBar with Virtual Surround Sound incorporates a complete home theater system, including high definition Philips HTS513178 Home Theater disc Playback in a single unit! Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for high fidelity surround sound. Plays Blu-ray Discs, DVD, VCD, CD and USB g: 78 ‎ ‎Must include: ‎

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