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I have seen many systems come and go, from my days of being an academic.

Liggy's and Dee's NEC and firmware

I recently ran across a system that an orthopedic practice had been using for 16 years. Jerry Milacron of PM Not really doing an upgrade, just a lateral change. Jerry nheng Before the days of PCs, OEM monitors frequently used odd scan rates to give higher resolution and hence, better looking text. HP always led the pack in doing things differently. On top of that, older monitors without multi-synch capabilities can be fried by getting the incorrect synch for a period of time. Plucked this off a Nec ND-3571A The chances of it working with an arbitrary non-HP video source are low. The CMM itself is a Mitutoyo and my impression so far is that Mitutoyo forces an "all or nothing" situation on you with that regard.

Hah, You need Nec ND-3571A find an old NEC multiscan. At the back it has seperate connections for red, green, blue, H-sync and V-sync. I tried each and only on green did I get a hint of result The ViewSonic is vintage so perhaps that's too new or was NEC the only one Nec ND-3571A the features you mention? Any suggestions on where to find said guru?

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Generally HP has some one somewhere that remembers the Nec ND-3571A stuff. As mentioned before, HP did lead the pack for having odd stuff. I worked with there computer back in the late 80's and the only thing that would work on Nec ND-3571A beasts were HP stuff.

Nec ND-3571A monitors were VGA or some equivalent in those days. Scrounge a TV and mickey mouse a phone plug on a piece of twin lead or RG type coax. This is primitive analog stuff.


Does it have a free ISA Nec ND-3571A If that is a free ISA slot, then yes. I think I'm nissing something here. Why don't you buy a card and monitor for the thing color if you chose? It looks like there are a number of places that have them in a Google search.


One problem with old application software is that it may have had some critical timing dependent on the cpu execution speed ok all you programmer types, people did do that much Nec ND-3571A than they had to and they STILL DO http: I looked at some series info and HPIB was standard on that. If you do, it might be possible if you have CMM documents with command information for anyone with National Instruments Labview experience to write a PC interface for you If you mean an HP color video card and HP color monitor then that was my original question Nec ND-3571A along. The documents with command info might be the catch however.

I do have the manuals Nec ND-3571A don't see any data referencing "command" information. There are a couple of pages of parameter information and "service disk" information but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for. Maybe these people can answer your questions as they list cards, monitors and complete systems: You can get a HPIB card for a few hundred bucks way overpriced. If you have the documentation for the instrument it would be possible to write a simple Nec ND-3571A program to run it.

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HPIB is an asyncronous interface with no timing demands and is processor speed independent. I have even made a HPIB Nec ND-3571A that plugs into the parallel port and is software driven by a small machine language routine. It, however is processor speed dependent as it uses timing loops. LabelFlash burns custom motifs, lettering or images onto the top side of DVD blanks. Home > NEC > NDA > Select Firmware NEC NDA.

Everything about NEC ND3570A and ND3571A firmwares

The Nec ND-3571A files are available for download for the drive: NEC NDA. Everything about NEC NDA and NDA Nec ND-3571A Do not try to simply flash a NEC firmware on a NEC drive or vice versa. This will NOT.

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