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Now, this thing's still a lot chunkier than the average mobile phone, but it's definitely down there with the smallest camcorders you can get.


Exactly which camcorder would cause the water level in a bucket to rise the least if you chucked it in Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN a question which I'll leave to the reader to answer, but there's certainly nothing on the market that's obviously smaller than the DCR-IP7. It's the show-off model, the one they give to impractically dressed young women to wave around for publicity purposes. The trouble with these sorts of products is that they tend to have brand new v1. They also tend to have features that'll never be good for much, but which have considerable ooh-ah value when a young lovely points them Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN to an appreciative crowd of geeks.


Does the tiny Sony".

Sony DCR-IP7 Network Handycam IP

That means it has wireless networking. It has Internet access. It has a USB connection, an "i. And it uses a whole new super-tiny flavour of cassette. Let's have a look at the twiddly bits.

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This Zeiss lens is a 10X zoom unit good for a highly serviceable 44 to mm focal length, in 35mm camera terms. That's a reasonably wide wide angle, and a more than adequate zoom. There's a stack of digital zoom on top of the optical zoom, but never mind that; it just helps you frame the image, while reducing the resolution as it takes less and Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN of the actual sensor area and blows it up to fill the screen.

You can turn digital zoom off if you don't like it. The actual external lens element is less than a centimetre across, and I wasn't very optimistic about Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN quality of the image such a small high-zoom-range lens could manage.

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But it's actually rather good. Chromatic aberration on high-contrast edges isn't too bad, there's no super-obnoxious distortion at either Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN of the zoom range, and the camera's autofocus is quite fast and reliable.

There's manual focus as well, for those difficult scenes, but it uses a pushbutton interface that you're not going to enjoy. The lens also has a 33mm filter Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN, for optional extras. Small cameras are hard to hold steady, and mm zoom on a very small camera is very hard to Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN steady, so there's a digital image stabiliser to help. Which you can also disable, if you like; the stabiliser eats a little of the sensor resolution. The main camera controls. The zoom control takes a little while to get used to, but is great once you do.

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It's a little "force stick" button which you operate by Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN down the plastic stud in the middle, then pushing up or down. The button barely actually moves, but the force with which you push on it determines how fast the zoom setting changes. It's easy to get a really slow zoom crawl, or a fast snap to either end of the range.

The five holes in the bottom left of the above picture Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN the grille Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN the built-in speaker, which is less tinny than you'd expect, but still hardly a disco floor-shaker. The slide switch below the other controls is the ejector for the Memory Stick To use the viewfinder, you pull it out; this lets you use it with either eye without rubbing your nose on the back of the camera. There's a dioptre adjust slider under the viewfinder, so glasses-wearers and near- or far-sighted people will be able to use it.

Sony DCR-HC39E TWAIN – Patch – Probably all

Using the viewfinder saves battery power, and Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN makes the camera feel even more James Bond-y. Deploying the fold-out LCD screen - or just turning it around to this flat-but-visible position - turns the viewfinder off. Free Download Sony DCR-IP7E TWAIN (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder).

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