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Reads are close to being twice as fast as a single disk; Writes are similar to a single disk.

Similar to RAID 5, but does two different parity computations. Parity data consumes the capacity of 2 disk drives.

To ensure personal safety and to protect your equipment and data, Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA read the information following the package content list before you begin installing. Package Contents If your package is missing any of the items listed below, contact your local dealer before proceeding with installation disk drives and disk mounting brackets are not included: Also required are standard hand tools to open your system s case. System Requirement The controller can be installed in a universal PCI slot and requires a motherboard that: ARCxx series required one of the following: Small screwdriver Host system hardware manuals and manuals for the disk or enclosure being installed.

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Personal Safety Information To ensure personal safety as well as the safety of the equipment: Always wear a grounding strap or work on an ESD-protective mat. Before opening the system cabinet, turn off power switches and unplug the power cords. Do not reconnect the power cords until you have replaced the covers. High voltages may be found inside computer equipment. Before installing any of the hardware in this package or Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA the protective covers of any computer equipment, turn off power switches and disconnect power cords.

To avoid damage caused by electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions: Before you handle the SATA RAID controller in any way, touch Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA grounded, anti-static surface, such as an unpainted portion of the system chassis, for a few seconds to discharge any built-up static electricity.


Inspect it carefully, if anything is missing or damaged, contact your local dealer. Remove the system s cover. See the computer system documentation for instruction.

Align the gold-fingered edge on the card with the selected PCI expansion slot. Press down gently but firmly to ensure that the Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA is properly seated in the slot, as shown in Figure Next, screw the bracket into the computer chassis. Loading drives to the drive tray if cages are installed. Be sure that the power is connected to either the Cage backplane or the individual drives. The cable connectors are all identical, so it does not matter which end you connect to your controller, SATA hard drive, or cage backplane SATA connector. If you have not already connected your Multi-lance cables, use the Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA included with your enclosure to connect your controller to the Multi-lance connector backplane.

The type of cable will depend on what enclosure you have.

Areca Technology ARC-1120ML Free Driver Download

The following diagram shows one example picture of Multi-lane cable. If anything is missing or damaged, contact your local dealer. FigureMulti-Lance Cable Step And connect your controller to the Multi-lance connector backplane. This allows automatic controller configuration of the LED output. Otherwise, each LED output will show only individual drive status. Global indicator connector, which lights when any drive is active. Individual LED indicator connector, for each drive channel. A cable Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA the global indicator comes with your computer system.

Cables for the individual drive LEDs may come with a drive cage, or you may need to purchase them. The following diagrams show the connector and pin locations. When the LED is dark, there is no activity on that disk drive.

Areca Technology ARCML Free Driver Download -

When the fault LED is solid illuminated, there is no disk present. When the fault LED is off, that disk is present and status is normal. Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA number of drives supported can be increased, by a factor of four, by adding similar backplane to maximum of 24 drives 6 backplanes LED Management: Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA backplane may contain LEDs to indicate drive status. Light from the LEDs could be transmitted to the outside of the server by using light pipes mounted on the SAS drive tray.

The locate of a drive may be detected by sensing the voltage level of one of the pre-charge pins before and after a drive is installed. The sideband header is located at backplane.


The Areca ARC/ARCML RAID HBA Firmware version Areca ARC-1120ARC-1120ML RAID HBA is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version. Areca ARC/ARCML RAID HBA Firmware (Popularity:): The Areca ARC/ARCML RAID HBA Firmware version It is highly.


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