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It is aimed users new to the digital SLR category, yet its specifications are quite high. Not only does it have a massive megapixel sensor, it also boasts Full HD video recording, very high ISO capability and a fast burst mode. It is a camera that can be used for just about any occasion. Unlike Canon EOS 550D Camera professional digital SLR, the Canon EOS D doesn't have a dedicated control for all of its functions; instead, you get a single control dial that can be used to change shutter, aperture and ISO speeds in conjunction with the on-screen Q-menu and the physical ISO button. There are shortcut buttons on the body for entering the focus, exposure compensation, white balance, colour and shotting modes. You can also quickly change the focus point there are nine to choose from.

A mode dial at the top of the camera lets you change exposure mode; you can select from full auto, shutter or aperture priority, manual, or from an assortment of scene modes. You don't get as many scene modes as you would on a compact camera, and there aren't any fancy ones such as miniature mode, but you get essential ones for shooting landscapes, portraits and macros.

Canon EOS D - Wikipedia

If you're buying this camera, the chances are that you want to learn more about photography and not let the camera control everything you do, so the lack of more specific scene modes shouldn't be a turn-off. In our tests the EOS D shot at 3. Nevertheless, the D's speed is impressive and it's suitable for shooting sporting events and animals. The fast burst mode comes in handy when you want to make sure you really capture the moment — such as when the Aussie Army's Blackhawk helicopters swooped over our headquarters during recent training ops. Canon EOS D image quality With the very large megapixel count, you have the opportunity closely crop your photos in order to bring out small details. You shouldn't rely on this tactic too much as the quality of images at Canon EOS 550D Camera native size is a little soft which is what we also saw in the EOS 7Dbut it's great for removing a lot of dead space around an image without leaving yourself with a very small and unusable image.

With 18 megapixels at your disposal, you can crop your photos extensively and still have enough pixels left over to make sharp prints.

We used Canon's EF-S mm 1: It's a fine lens if you're just starting out, and it can capture crisp enough photos in most situations. However, it does produce some barrel roll and it was sometimes very hard to automatically focus with — we had to manually focus many shots in which the lens refused to automatically find the correct Canon EOS 550D Camera length. The lens gives a prolific out-of-focus background effect a. Meanwhile, its diaphragm gives lights a starry effect when you Canon EOS 550D Camera at night. Shooting a night scene will render lights with an elegant star shape.

Canon EOS 550D

A high ISO capability and an image stabilised lens allow you to take clear shots even in the dark. But in most circumstances you'll be able to shoot with a faster shutter speed by upping the ISO speed. You can use up to ISO without noticing much deterioration in the image quality unless you view photos at their native size. Shadowed areas will become more feathered and solid colours will start exhibiting grain the higher up you go in Canon EOS 550D Camera ISO range, but the overall performance of the camera in high ISO modes is stunning. From left to right: At ISOthe clarity of the image is excellent.

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It starts to get a little more feathered along contrasting areas, some grain is introduced in solid colours and colours in shadowed areas change when you use ISO and ISO The Canon EOS D's high ISO mode is very handy when shooting in dark areas such as fancy restaurants when you don't want to ruin the ambience by using the built-in flash. While its ability to shoot fluid motion isn't excellent — fast-panning shots might end up Canon EOS 550D Camera blurry and jerky — it Canon EOS 550D Camera do a good job when capturing a moderate amount of motion, but some stuttering might still be noticeable.

Its overall video quality is excellent for recording speeches and static scenes or landscapes when it's plonked on a tripod — it's great for weddings, for example. Furthermore, you can employ a crop mode when shooting video. This makes use of the massive sensor to bring you closer to a very distant subject.


The video size is restricted to x in this mode, so you won't be able to show it off on your big-screen TV, but you'll be able to share it online. The camera can focus automatically in video mode, and it can also record at different frame rates: Videos can sound awful if you use the zoom or the camera's controls — the built-in microphone will pick up all the little sounds — but there Canon EOS 550D Camera an option for an external microphone.

The built-in microphone does well when recording voices — for better dynamic range, you should use an external microphone though. Canon EOS 550D Camera can get very close to a very distant subject such as a skywriter in this instance by using crop mode and the full zoom of your lens. However, framing can be a nightmare if you're trying to capture a moving object, as we were, and you'll want to use a tripod in order to get a video free of headache-inducing shaking. You can use Canon EOS 550D Camera at functions, sporting events and parties, and you can even shoot high quality video when the situation calls for it.

We're impressed with its speed and high ISO performance and once you get used to its controls and menu system, it's a very easy camera to use.

The only issue we had with the kit was the at times very slow and inaccurate focus. Ideal for those who want to create large, poster-size prints Canon EOS 550D Camera or crop images without losing any of the detail necessary for printing – EOS D's 18MP CMOS. Official Store. EOS Digital SLR and Compact System Cameras.


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