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I suspect it has to do with the Nvidia chipset. Computer locks up when copying large files to USB storage it doesn't matter what, small usb pen drives, usb desktop harddisks The strange thing is, I can perfectly read from these usb storage devices. Writing to them and large files doesn't work.

Gateway EC Specs - CNET

It starts copying than everything freezes. Only hard reset is possible. I have tried everything, but was unsuccesful. As time progressed, more phones were added to residences using a variety of wiring topologies, e. The combinations present in residences today are nearly endless, and many homeowners are not fully aware of how the telephone wiring in their home is connected. As time further progressed, advanced homeowners began installing and configuring computer networks to allow multiple computers inside their residence to share files, printers, etc. These home networks were typically installed by knowledgeable, advanced users or paid installers, and utilized a set of wiring parallel to the telephone wiring so that the chances of improper cross connection with existing telephone lines remained minimal. In recent years, there has been a proliferation Gateway E-155C Agere Modem interconnected devices and communication networks within Gateway E-155C Agere Modem installed by homeowners with minimal knowledge of the workings of such devices and the communications networks and protocols they utilize.

Many homeowners now have access to the public Internet via full-time dedicated broadband connections.

The various xDSL standards define a family of broadband communication technologies carried across a standard telephone line between a telephone operator's central office and a residence or business. Some forms Gateway E-155C Agere Modem xDSL, e. The xDSL processor is typically connected to the telephone line via the inner pair of wires of a first RJ11 connector As illustrated in FIG. The SLIC implements, among other things, a 4-wire to 2-wire hybrid function between the two analog signals transmit and receive associated with the PCM codec i. The SLIC is connected to the second telephone line via either the inner or outer pair of the second RJ11 connector The Ethernet transceiver is capable of communicating Ethernet signals e.

The Ethernet transceiver is connected to the computer cable via an RJ45 connector The telephone line creates a condition in which both the RG and the external network i.

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The former represents a dangerous condition due to excess voltage present on the telephone lines10 a-b, The latter represents a condition in which no battery feed voltage is present and, thus, one or Gateway E-155C Agere Modem of the telephones may not operate correctly. HomePNA is a high-speed, reliable local area network LAN technology that uses the existing telephone wires in a residence, and allows several computers to share a single Internet connection.

Example implementations of the HomePNA processor are well known to persons of ordinary skill in the art, and will not be discussed further. In the example of FIG. The telephone line may have been connected purposefully by a user so that HomePNA devices attached to the telephone line a-b can communicate with the HomePNA processoror so that ordinary telephones attached to the telephone line can communicate with the PSTN The connection may Gateway E-155C Agere Modem have been made unintentionally by the user. Such interference may cause one or both of the xDSL processor or the HomePNA processor to be unable to communicate properly with attached devices. Gateway E-155C Agere Modem communicate with the external network, the RG includes a transceiver to transmit and receive signals received over the cable e. The signals may be Ethernet signals e.


An entry of NA i. A new HomePNA standard i. As will be readily appreciated by those having ordinary skill Gateway E-155C Agere Modem the art, it is desirable to provide as much functionality as possible while minimizing or eliminating the possibility of interference. The FRGas described below, operates to minimize connection errors between components. Including a plurality of broadband WAN services in a single device provides a number Gateway E-155C Agere Modem advantages, e. VoIP services via a plurality of VoIP processors a-b, a plurality of RJ11 connectorsa-b, and a plurality of telephone linesa-e; local area network LAN communications via the Ethernet transceiver not showna plurality of RJ45 connectors a-b, and a plurality of cables a-b; HomePNA communications via the HomePNA processora plurality of connectorsa-b, and a plurality of telephone lines a-e,; wireless communications e.

The PCI ID Repository

Supporting such a large number of IHN communications, services and connections in a single device maximizes the distribution of IP packets across as many technologies within the home as possible. However, as discussed earlier, providing such a vast array of IHN services, connections, communication signals and communication networks Gateway E-155C Agere Modem a single device increases the potential for the homeowner to incorrectly or inadvertently cross-connect telephone lines creating signal conditions that are either hazardous or cause communication services to cease working properly.

To substantially minimize hazardous conditions or interfering signals, the illustrated FRG provides self-configuration capabilities that are discussed in detail below. Only illustrated in FIG.

Drivers computer: Gateway EC G

The requirements, connections, implementations and usages of such control and less significant data signals are well known by those of ordinary skill in the art, and, in Gateway E-155C Agere Modem interest of brevity, are not discussed further. In the illustrated example, there are two VoIP processors, wherein line1 is connected to the inner pair of wires i. The example diagram of FIG. Alternative combinations including fewer or additional capabilities could be readily chosen based upon desired functionality of the FRGmarket requirements, customer requirements, etc.


It should be further readily appreciated by those or ordinary skill in the art that the illustrated FRG may be expanded via one or more of the RJ45 connectors a-b. As described above, supporting a multitude of broadband WAN services and IHN services and connection options in a single device creates multiple and new opportunities for the user to inappropriately misconnect telephone lines ,11 a-e, thereby causing one or more broadband WAN Gateway E-155C Agere Modem or IHN services to cease operating properly.

View full Gateway EC specs on CNET. Modem. Protocols & Specifications. ITU V 1 x modem - phone line - RJ Memory Card Reader. 6 in 1 (SD  Missing: Agere. A no-nonsense inch convertible tablet, the Gateway EC fits an optical Networking, Modem, Ethernet, a/b/g Wi-Fi; Bluetooth  Missing: Agere.

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