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How To Set Up A WRE54G Range Extender On A Home Network

Some devices will also require you to check a box to enable WDS. An Linksys WRE54G is shown below: Next up we will need to connect to the device using WiFi. Scan Linksys WRE54G network and you should see a linksys followed by the last 8 characters of the MAC address — it will look something like this. Obviously your MAC address will vary: Now we are almost there.

After successfully connecting to the device you might have Linksys WRE54G warnings as security is not in place yet open up your browser and point it to http: The default user needs to be left blank. The default password is: Once you are logged in you will see the console that looks like this: You can see the arrows pointing to where you can change your IP address of the device to be on your network.

Or if you Linksys WRE54G it as a separate network, change the name to something else. You can also enable security and modify other settings in here. Once you are done save your settings.


Change Linksys WRE54G local IP address back to what it was if you changed it and plug back into your network. You have successfully extended your network! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

Nothing in my house ever has Linksys WRE54G than 4 bars, not even in the closets!! For anyone who may be getting one, don't fear all the reviews, to include mine, that Linksys WRE54G it is hard to install.


I will make it easier for you. When you set this bad boy up, hook it to the rear of your router with a cable.

Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander Setup Wizard

Once into the extender, set it to the same settings as your Linksys WRE54G. Hit the sync button and it should turn blue.

After you unhook and move to a final destination, it should work as soon as ya plug it in. Those steps took me a few hours Once working it really does fantastic. Does exactly what it is said to do. Linksys WRE54G

It works as it is supposed to but This product was a "Refurbished unit", I can see why so Linksys WRE54G people are returning these saying that they don't work. But this thing is definitely not for the faint at heart.

Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G - repeater WRE54G WRE54GCU eBay

The installer software that comes on the CD goes through a setup path Linksys WRE54G is to set the device up through your current wireless but it can't connect to the device unless it is on your network "Wired". No where in the setup software nor the PDF manual included on the disk does it tell you this important fact. You have to follow the directions from the manual, not the installer software, for a wired install and know enough to get around the sad fact that the instructions to install wired are partially copied from the wireless install and have not been changed to reflect the "wired" setup but give instructions for a wireless network.

I am now unable to access the configuration menu via a wired ethernet connection. Had limited access to the config menu via a wireless connection for a while, then Linksys WRE54G stopped working. Limited access meaning I could not get to the location where one would change the type of security.

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Was trying to change from no security to WEP, but couldn't get Linksys WRE54G the proper screen this worked on initial installation. Now, the setup program says that it cannot find an extender on my network.


The Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander can extend the coverage of your Wireless-G Linksys WRE54G. This article will guide you in setting up this particular. Get support for Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander.

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