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Of course, this technology allows this Panasonic TV to deliver more light controls like you would see in a typical plasma TV. Like the Panasonic viera, this 4k TV offers great picture quality and excellent brightness levels.

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Biostar TB250-BTC PlusPanasonic TX-65DX900 Review

All in all, the Panasonic TXDX is not for Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV but it does have a set of unique features that makes it stand out in the pack. This plus the third party endorsements, makes it easier to choose this 4k tv over any other Panasonic TVs on the market today.


Improved chipset, Decent picture quality, Decent set of features The Bad: Picture Settings Out-of-the-Box The television industry is going through a period of change this yearit's shifting away from the standards that have been used since the introduction of Full HD and towards new standards developed for Ultra HD that better reflect the capabilities of modern displays. As a result the way we test and calibrate new TVs will be gradually changing but for the moment the majority of our testing still reflects the D65, Rec. We performed a basic setup on the DX using one of the Professional Viewing Modes, you could Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV THX Cinema but we actually found that the Professional modes gave a slightly more accurate set of measurements once setup properly.

You can find our suggested settings in the video below. As you can see from the Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV above, the greyscale performance of the DXB was excellent out-of-the-box with all three colours tracking close to each other. The DeltaE errors are around one, making the overall errors well below the visible threshold of three.

Panasonic DX902 (TX-65DX902B) UHD 4K TV Review

There is a slight excess of blue across the entire range and a slight deficit of red in the middle section but nothing obvious. The gamma curve is tracking around our target of 2. On a lesser display this Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV almost be considered a reference performance but this is a Panasonic, so we know we can do better.


Panasonic have been emphasising the colour accuracy of the DX since they first launched it at CES and that certainly proved to be the case when we measured our review sample. After a brief period of fine tuning the greyscale and gamma we got the measurements below, which Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV about as perfect as you're likely to see.

We could say more but the graph says it all really. When it came to the colour management system we found that although you could correct red Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV blue to a degree it tended to have a slightly detrimental effect on magenta, which is composed of those two primary colours.

64.5" Panasonic TX-65DX900 - Specifications

So we would probably recommend just tweaking red, blue and magenta, as their out-of-the-box measurements were Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV very good. We did find that we could get a near perfect measurement out of green and, as a result, yellow and cyan, with all three colours tracking the saturation points precisely. Ultimately the DXB delivers a near-reference greyscale and colour performance out-of-the-box and after some minor tweaking it can produce a level of accuracy that is as close to perfect as you're likely to see on a domestic display. The DX delivered one of the most Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV greyscale and colour performances we've seen from a domestic TV. We mentioned earlier that the standards for TV are changing and this is especially true of colour gamut, which is moving from the relatively constricted Rec.


The recommendations established for Ultra HD actually use the very wide Rec. However as with the colour graphs for Rec. This is an out-of-the-box measurement with no calibration, so the TV can already produce a very accurate performance Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV Ultra HD content that uses the DCI-P3 colour gamut and this could undoubtedly be improved through fine-tuning. We will address the entire subject of calibrating for the new standards in more detail as the year progresses. Picture Quality We'll start, as always, with the contrast and dynamic range performance and here Panasonic's hard work has clearly paid dividends. The TV is also incredibly bright, easily hitting our target of Nits for a nighttime setting and measuring Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV Nits on a full screen and over 1, Nits on a window, which once again exceeds the minimum target for the UHD Premium logo.

These measurements are without turning the local dimming on but, once you do, the black level drops to 0.

Panasonic DX (TXDXB) UHD 4K TV Review AVForums

The use of LEDs and Panasonic's new 'Honeycomb' local dimming system produces a lovely contrast performance, with a very dynamic picture. There is virtually no haloing, even on quite challenging material like fireworks against a black sky but the diffuser also plays its part, producing a nice even backlight and eliminating most banding. If we're being critical, and that's what we're here for, there was still some minor banding apparent on fast camera pans over football pitches but we feel the DX is superior to any other full array local dimming TV that we've tested to date. Since the DXB uses a VA panel the optimal viewing angle is fairly limited, about 20 degrees either side of centre.

Once you begin to move further off-axis you will see a reduction in contrast and colour performance. We measured Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV black level at 0. This is less of a criticism of the DX and more a reflection of the limitations the VA panel technology and there really is nothing that Panasonic can do to mitigate the issue.

" Panasonic TXDX - Specifications

The motion handling was excellent for an LCD panel, with the TV delivering over lines of motion resolution in our tests. Of course depending on your preference you can Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV use the Intelligent Frame Creation feature for frame interpolation and smoothing but we had no issues with the motion handling of this TV. As we've already mentioned, the DXB can deliver an incredibly accurate image in terms of greyscale, gamma and colour gamut. So once you combine this with Panasonic's always excellent image processing, you can begin to imagine the kind of wonderful pictures this TV delivers. Whether the source was Ultra HD, Full HD or even standard definition, the DX produced detailed and accurate images with a lovely natural appearance.

Panasonic's high-end 4K PRO Panasonic Viera TX-65DX900E TV are designed from the bottom up and tuned our reference-quality plasma TVs and professional broadcast equipment, the. Tehnilised andmed - TXDXE - LED televiisor - Päris filmitootjate poolt häälestatud GENERAL, Included Accessory*10, Touch Pad Remote / TV Remote And viewable contents by VIERA Web Browser are subject to the following.

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