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With Shake Reduction enabled, a total of two degrees rotation and three millimeters of horizontal or vertical adjustment one degree and 1. It's a very handy tool if you shoot on a tripod much, making light work of precision framing.

Also thanks to the sensor-shift mechanism and internal roll sensor, the K-5 II offers an electronic level function that actually rotates the sensor to a level position Pentax K-5II Digital Camera enabled. The system can correct for errors of one degree in either direction if Shake Reduction is enabled, and if you disable Shake Reduction, you double the level of correction possible to two degrees in either direction. Interface options in the Pentax K-5 II are unchanged: There's also an 8. The Pentax K-5 II also includes two infrared remote receivers -- one each on the front and rear of the camera body, allowing for the shutter to be released wirelessly from most angles, using Pentax K-5II Digital Camera optional Remote Control F, or the waterproof Remote Control WP aka O-RC1 remote.

Pentax K-5 II

The latter allows not only shutter operation, but also provides for autofocus operation via a separate button when Pentax K-5II Digital Camera with the K Unfortunately, the Pentax K-5 II still lacks any official, Pentax-authorized tethered shooting capability, but a third party solution does exist, although it doesn't provide a remote live view feed. The D-LI90 is a 7. The K5's battery grip transfers power through a dedicated, proprietary connection, so you can leave a battery in the camera to double the battery life, and needn't fiddle to remove the battery door, as in some competing designs that use a dummy battery.


While this design is nice because you don't have to worry about the cumbersome tower that goes up into the battery compartments of other camera designs, you will have to remove the entire grip to change the K7's internal battery. Of course, you can leave the internal battery compartment empty, and simply Pentax K-5II Digital Camera your battery pack in the portrait grip, so this is of little import in real-world use unless you intend to use both battery bays simultaneously.

The D-BG4 is weather sealed like the camera body, and Pentax K-5II Digital Camera several Pentax K-5II Digital Camera from the camera's main interface, including the shutter release, front and rear e-dials, the AE-Lock, and the AF button. While the duped control size and layout isn't identical to those on the camera body, it's similar enough to retain familiarity. The D-BG4 also includes an insert in which to store the protective caps from the body and grip terminals when in use, and the lithium ion battery tray further includes space to store a spare SD card inside the grip.

Use of Class 6 or higher-speed cards is recommended for video capture, or when shooting high-speed still image bursts. Instead, setup must be done first on your computer. These images are best quality JPEGs straight out of the camera, at default settings including noise Pentax K-5II Digital Camera. All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses.

On the fabric swatch, the K-5 seems to have a bit more contrast in the red fabric swatch but seems Pentax K-5II Digital Camera oversaturate the pink fabric just a bit Pentax K-5II Digital Camera than the K-5 II. Again in the black tiled area of the mosaic crop the K-5 II produces better details. In the bottle crop, the 60D looks cleaner and sharper, but the Canon is smoothing out some of the background texture and is also oversharpening. The D seems to do just that in the fabric swatch, particularly in the pink area.


Also notice how the Nikon produces a more Pentax K-5II Digital Camera, less saturated pink color. Overall, the D pulls out ahead here. Whereas the E-M5 pulls ahead in the bottle, mosaic images and pink fabric area, the K-5 II clearly does better in the red leaf fabric swatch. The bottle crop and mosaic images look fairly similar, although the Pentax K-5II Digital Camera does a bit better in the beige tile area of the mosaic crop. On the fabric swatch however, the K-5 II does better in the red area, while the NEX-7 produces better detail and color in the pink area.

Recent advances in sensor technology have made ISO 1, look a lot more like ISObut there are still cameras whose quality starts to fall apart at this setting. We also choose 1, because we like to be able to shoot at least at this level when indoors and at night.


The K-5 also seems to do better in the red fabric swatch, producing a more noticeable leaf pattern, though both are fairly devoid of any fine details. The K-5 II does better with the mosaic image, while the Canon does better with the fabric Pentax K-5II Digital Camera in both detail and color accuracy. Even though there appears to be heavier noise reduction in the shadow areas of the bottle crop image from the Olympus, the details on the bottle look a bit better.


Both Canon and Nikon are rumored to be fielding prototype professional-level APS-C bodies during the tournament for testing. Read on to find out how the Mpix sans AA filter D performs. The information is available online but we taken the opportunity to offer a brief overview of the best performing models.

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Read on to see how well the lenses perform together on the two cameras. Read on to find out which models perform best, and which, if any, that should be avoided. Pentax have retained the traditional top LCD panel which displays quite a comprehensive amount of information about the current camera settings, including the shooting mode, current aperture or shutter speed, flash mode, battery level, number of remaining frames and drive mode. Pentax K-5II Digital Camera similar amount of settings are also displayed in the viewfinder. In addition, when you turn the K-5 II on or change the shooting mode, a graphical overview of how that mode Pentax K-5II Digital Camera is briefly displayed on the rear LCD screen.

The Pentax K-5 II does a very good job of providing easily understood information about the settings that it's using. Being able to see exactly what will be captured means that you can only blame yourself for poor composition and unwanted details creeping into the frame. The viewfinder is bright and free of any distortions or aberrations, making it suitable for both auto and manual focusing.

Pentax K-5 II Review and Specs

It also features a Natural-Bright-Matte III focusing screen to improve focusing accuracy during manual-focus operation. The in-finder status LCD runs horizontally along the bottom and it shows most of the camera's key settings. The rear of the camera is dominated by the large 3 inch LCD screen. The rear screen also doubles as a comprehensive status display, which can be called up by pressing the OK or Info Pentax K-5II Digital Camera in record mode. If you then press the Info button again, you can also change all the settings right on the screen using a combination of the navigation pad and the rear e-dial.

Pentax K-5 II : Tests and Reviews

Last September Pentax replaced the K-5 with not just one but two new digital SLRs, one without an optical low pass filter (OLPF). Though the resolution remains Pentax K-5II Digital Camera same, Pentax has updated the camera's megapixel CMOS sensor with a faster data readout, according to company representatives. Pentax K-5 II. The 16MP Pentax K-5 II DSLR is the company's flagship camera. It is built around a weather-sealed magnesium alloy and is bundled with the SAFOX X, autofocus (inc. batteries)‎: ‎ g ( lb / oz).

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