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Toshiba KIRAbook i7 Touch review

Anecdotally, we were able to fly through emails at a fast clip, making barely any typos along the way. If you'll allow us to reset your expectations a bit, "deeper travel" is a relative phrase -- the buttons Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i5S Touch Function Key are still pretty flat, though they offer more feedback than Toshiba's earlier Ultrabooks. And besides, on a machine this thin, any sort of keyboard bounce amounts to a welcome surprise. As you'd expect from a machine of this caliber, the Kirabook comes standard with keyboard backlighting, which you can turn off by pressing Fn-Z.

If you look around, you'll find some other functions embedded on the main keyboard, like the 1 and 2 buttons, which you can use to zoom in and out of the Start menu. There's also a magnifying glass on the left end of the spacebar, but we strongly suggest ignoring it, if possible: The Kirabook's Synaptics trackpad is wide and tall, leaving you plenty of space for two-finger scrolls, pinch-to-zooming and all the gestures native to Windows 8.

Like other laptops we've seen, it actually handles those more complex maneuvers reasonably well, but it struggles with single-finger tracking. In particular, you might find that the cursor doesn't move when you drag your finger across the trackpad. Even when the cursor does move, it doesn't always go where you want it to, or it stops short on the screen before you get there. Fortunately, as we hinted, the touchpad feels much less stubborn when you're doing things like scrolling with two fingers.


Pinch-to-zoom is pretty fluid, too, though we found it worked better in some apps than others. For instance, we sometimes weren't able to pinch with a thumb and index finger; just the index and middle fingers.

Other times, though, the pad registered a thumb just fine. Display and sound With a It's a tremendous opportunity for Toshiba and indeed, it mostly follows through with a stellar viewing experience. Movies look fantastic, colors are vibrant and the ppi screen is about as sharp as you'd expect, which is to say you won't see a hint of pixelation at the native resolution.


Depending on the content, anyway: Things just don't scale properly, so you could end up with tiny buttons, tiny search fields or web pages that don't gracefully scale to fill the whole screen. And when objects do fill the screen, they sometimes look blurry and stretched out. As it happens, Toshiba included a utility to help toggle between Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i5S Touch Function Key text and screen settings, but you have to sign out of Windows any time you want to switch, which is tedious.

Toshiba KIRAbook i7 Touch review ITProPortal

If anything, we wish the viewing angles were a little more forgiving. Toshiba says the Kirabook does, in fact, have some sort of wide-viewing-angle technology inside, but that it's not IPS. Whatever it is, it doesn't do a great job preserving the color and contrast at odd angles.

Head-on, the display is gorgeous and to its credit, it's readable from lots of different angles. The copy of Norton Internet Security is notable because it includes a two-year subscription, which is excellent and almost unheard of today, when month long trials are the norm. The KIRAbook also includes two years of technical support on a specialised Platinum support plan that promises a direct line to support techs including callback service.

The top of the line i7 system we reviewed came with a GB SSD, which is plenty of space for many users. There are a few drawbacks Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i5S Touch Function Key the compact design. Although the touchscreen has enough friction to avoid bouncing when you touch it, the sides of the screen have very small bezels. While this makes the system look slimmer than other touchscreen systems, it also means that swipes from off screen like the ones used by the Charm bar under Windows 8 can be awkward. The KIRAbook also lacks Also note that while the screen is brilliant, you may have to fiddle with zoom and screen resolution settings on older games and programs: They may not display Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i5S Touch Function Key scaled up to 2, x 1, The big performance issue for the KIRAbook is its lack of discrete graphics.

While they may not miss the GPU for its 3D gaming prowess, graphic artists and videographers will prefer to have a GPU helping them out with professional graphics apps like the full CS6 versions of Photoshop and Premiere. Download Toshiba KIRA KIRABook 13 i5 Ultrabook Win 8, WinWin 10 Drivers, Applications and Toshiba Function Key Synaptics Touch Pad Driver.

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Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i7s1 Touch - " - Core i7 U - 8 GB RAM - GB SSD The Good Toshiba's Kirabook has a brilliant higher-res screen, powerful components, Both are $1, for a Core i5 configuration. The keyboard keys are small and clacky, and the touchpad is simply not responsive.

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