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In addition, the wireless network may comprise a cellular network or a mobile telephone network to facilitate communication. Wireless networks enable mobile station users to Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN over large geographic areas while maintaining immediate access to communication services. Mobile station users often carry their handsets or have them installed in their vehicle s. Mobile stations comprising cellular telephones or wireless handsets may be operable in cooperation with cellular or Personal Communications Services PCS communications systems.

Cellular communication systems typically provide service to a geographic area by dividing the area into many smaller areas or cells. Each cell is serviced by a radio transceiver i. As shown in FIG.

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For purposes of illustration, wireless handset 38 is depicted in FIG. Under normal operating conditions, the extent to which wireless handset 38 will be able to communicate with cell site 30 or cell site 40 will depend on the geographic location of the wireless handset and the size of the cell coverage area of each cell site.

US20030214928A1 - Method for paging a device in a wireless network - Google Patents

Further, although only two cell sites are depicted in FIG. In addition, more than one cell site may be connected to each MSC and more than one wireless handset 38 may be operating within each cell site.

Wireless handset 38 may include a conventional cellular telephone unit with a transceiver and antenna not shown to communicate by, for example, radio waves with cell sites 30 and Various air-interface technologies may be implemented to facilitate communication between each wireless handset and the cell sites. Cell sites 30 and 40 may both include a radio transceiver not shown and be connected by landlines 16 or other communication links to MSCs 24, The MSCs 24,28 may b e conventional digital telephone exchanges that control the switching between Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN 12 and the cell sites 30 and 40 to provide wireline-to-mobile, mobile-to-wireline and mobile-to-mobile call connectivity.

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Each MSC may perform various functions, including: The transceiver not shown of each cell site 30 and 40 provides communications, such as Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN and data, with each wireless handset 38 while it is present in its geographic domain. The MSCs 24, 28 may track and switch wireless handset 38 from cell site to cell site, as the wireless handset passes through various coverage areas. In the current North American cellular system, any given area may be serviced by up to two competing service providers of cellular airtime communication services. By Federal Communications Commission FCC regulations, the two competing cellular service providers are assigned different groups of frequencies within the MHZ region through which services are provided.

A frequency set typically includes control channels and voice channels. The control channels are used for preliminary communications between a mobile station and a cell site for setting up a call, after which a voice channel is assigned for the mobile station's use on that call. Typically, the A band frequencies are reserved Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN non-wireline service providers, while the B band frequencies are reserved for wireline service providers. While each frequency set for a given cellular service area is assigned to only one service provider, in different service areas the same frequency set may be assigned to different service providers or companies.

Cellular service providers often charge usage fees for airtime since they have to purchase or license the Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN bandwidth over which cellular calls take place, and because they have to maintain their wireless network.

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The FCC, however, has also designated unlicensed bands in Northern America which do not require a license to operate on if the transmit power Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN sufficiently low. This band is commonly used for home cordless telephones and is well suited for voice communications at limited distances. Depending upon which cellular service provider is subscribed to by the user of the wireless handset, the home frequency set of the user may correspond Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN the A frequency band or the B frequency band. Whenever a call is placed by the mobile station or wireless handset, the unit will ordinarily attempt to use the home frequency set to establish the call.

Typically, the user's home service provider will have a roaming agreement or reciprocal billing arrangement with the non-home service provider to permit service to be extended to the user's wireless unit when it is roaming in the non-home service provider's service area. The wireless handset may include a memory device, such as a number assignment module NAMin which an assigned phone number MIN and a system identification code SID is stored to uniquely identify the home service provider for the unit. In addition, the wireless handset may store a unique Electronic Serial Number ESN that is assigned to the wireless handset. In the North American cellular system, each cellular market or provider is assigned a distinct, fifteen bit SID.

The SID or equivalent system identification number is broadcast by each service provider or cellular provider and is used by the wireless handset to determine whether or not the wireless handset is operating in its home network or if it is operating in a roaming condition.

The wireless handset makes this determination by reading the SID that is broadcast in the cellular market in which it is located, and comparing it to the home SID stored in the NAM of the cellular phone unit. Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN the SIDs do not match, then the wireless handset is roaming, and the mobile station must attempt to gain service through a non-home service provider.


Due to the imposition of a fixed surcharge or higher per unit rate, the airtime charges when the mobile station is roaming are customarily higher than when it is operating within its home network. When a wireless handset is switched ON, the handset scans the group of control channels to determine the strongest cell site or base station signal. Control channels are primarily Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN in setting up a call and moving it to an unused voice channel.


When a telephone call is placed, a signal is sent to the cell site or base station. The MSC usually dispatches the request to all base stations in the cellular system. Toshiba Forum - Satellite - Can't get wirless to work Toshiba Satellite 1410-654S Agere WLAN Hey there, i seem to What Wireless card is it, Intel, Atheros, Agere? As far as I know the Satellite has been equipped with WLan but it was optional.

. S, Satellite S, SatelliteSatellite S Toshiba Satellite S Drivers For Windows XP download: Power Saver (Toshiba) >> SD Host Controller Utilities >> Wireless Lan Driver (Agere).

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