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Email Other Apps The heroes of our today's review are two notebooks: Compaq Presario T and ToshibaSatellite Both have similar configurations, but differ by the graphics subsystems: The heroes of our today's review are two notebooks: Compaq Presario T and Toshiba Satellite So, we are going not only to check out the performance of the notebooks as complete systems, but also to compare two the speed and features of two popular graphics cards used in mobile Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD stations and notebooks offering an alternative to desktop PCs. First of all, let's enumerate the key hardware features of each device. Their manufacturers Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD these notebooks as top-end solutions. However, the CPUs features don't differ that greatly, to tell the truth.

Satellite - Toshiba

We have already talked a lot about ordinary Pentium 4 processors in our previous articles see the CPU section for more info. Now let's dwell upon their mobile counterparts.

The mobile Pentium 4-M is based upon the same architecture as its desktop mate, but still has certain unique peculiarities. It's based on the 0. The main features of Pentium 4-M are, of course, the power-saving technologies used: Intel Enhanced SpeedStep helps to boost portables performance to the level of desktops, with all the mobile advantages remaining. This can be achieved due to two dynamically switched performance modes. In the maximum performance mode, the notebook is plugged into the AC line and works as fast as a desktop. The second, economy, mode saves power thus prolonging the battery life. For example, if the system is supplied by the batteries, the clock-rate of Pentium 4-M is reduced from the nominal 2.

The same works for the CPU voltage: The software part of the Intel Enhanced SpeedStep allows switching between the Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD automatically or manually, that is upon the user's desire.


Deep Sleep technology turns the CPU into low power-consumption mode - below 1. It's done when the CPU isn't involved, independent of the performance mode the system works in. Deeper Sleep technology, as the name suggests, means Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD lower power consumption than in the Deep Sleep mode. Notebooks built on Pentium 4-M, including the one, which we are going to review today, are based on the iM chipset.

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It's a mobile analog of iD. Moreover, iMP supports the three above-mentioned power-saving technologies and is able to control graphics card power consumption through the AGP bus. Toshiba Satellite can't boast any power-saving tricks, as it is based Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD an ordinary desktop Pentium 4 2. Does it tell on the consumer qualities of the products? We will answer this question later on in the article! Compaq Presario T The design of this model is rather unusual for a mobile graphics station. Here we deal not with a 10lb giant, but with a lightweight one.

Compaq Presario T vs. Toshiba Satellite ATI against NVIDIA on Mobile Arena

It's about 6lb, which is Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD typical of those carry-on notebooks. The upper and lower covers of the notebook are colored silver and we even thought at first that they were made of plastic. But having removed a part of the upper cover under which the wireless network card's antenna is supposed to beall became clear.


But the part of the surface where the hands usually lie at work is not silver-colored. This is very smart, I think as the cover won't rub away with the time and won't show scratches, for example, from the watch bracelet. The keys are made of black nontransparent plastic.

A pressed key gives out a soft click. Some people who are accustomed to the crackle of mechanical keyboards may find this feature appropriate. Some keys combine a few functions, available after you press the notebooks-peculiar Fn key. Unfortunately, Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD model doesn't have an additional CD-ROM drive control panel so you can't use the drive without turning the computer on.

The pointing device is a touchpad with two keys and an additional scrolling key. The latter key is rather an ingenious solution, but not very easy to work with, from my personal Toshiba Satellite 1900-703 ODD of view. Between the keyboard and the screen there are functional keys that serve to power up the computer and to control the loudspeakers volume. The others are programmable ones that can be assigned whatever functions you like. Intel® Pentium® 4 processor; ", Super Fine screen XGA TFT display; Hard disk 40 GB; MB, DDR RAM; maximum life: (Mobile Mark™) hours  Missing: ODD. Satellite Part number: PSEHY.

Satellite Windows® XP Home Edition. Hard disk 40 GB; MB, DDR RAM; maximum life: 3 hours  Missing: ODD.

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