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Proceed while searching the same way as described under Via the home screen Open a book by choosing it with the navigation keys and then press the z button to confirm your choice. The bar over an ebook shows you the title, the current page as well as the total number of pages. The total number of pages of an ebook might change depending on the TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader font size, margins and line spacing. Use the l button to enter the ebook menu and to obtain more information about the book, to make adjustments or to set bookmarks Add bookmark With this action you can mark a certain page of your book, so that you can find it quickly when you start reading again.

Navigate to the desired bookmark and confirm your selection by pressing the z button. Navigate to the desired chapter or section and confirm your selection by pressing the z button.


Please note that not every book has a table of contents Go to page Open a specific page of your ebook by entering the page number. Enter the desired page number by using TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader navigation buttons; confirm your choice with the z button Search Here you can search for specific words within a book.

TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader Firmware

Proceed as described under If the search is successful, the search word is highlighted in the ebook. Use the navigation buttons to jump to the next search result Font size For everybody a different font size is easy to read. Images are hidden under this setting Rotate screen You can rotate the display of the ebook by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Simply select TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader preferred rotation direction Auto flip With this function you can set a time for the rhythm, in which the pages of your ebook shall flip automatically. This allows hands-free reading Page refresh rate Here you can select the interval, in which the display is refreshed. For more information on the page setup and the so called ghosting, see 26 Add to favorites TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader the latest ebook via this menu point to the list of your favorite ebooks.

The favorites list can be found sorted by title inside the options menu of the library Book information If you choose this menu item, title, author, file name and publisher of the ebook are displayed. After you have successfully connected it to the computer, the ebook Reader will turn into the USB mode and the read mode is interrupted.

Doubleclick the removable disk or drive of TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader ebook Reader in order to open it. You can only access this, if a memory card is inserted into the card slot. Do the same if you want to transfer images to your ebook Reader.

Many ebooks TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader encrypted with DRM protection. This encryption is designed to protect the copyrights of authors and publishers. As an ebook is bound to a certain Adobe ID while downloading it to a device or a computer, it cannot be played on any number of other devices. Thus a TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader of copyrighted content, e. The registration of an Adobe ID is free and can be performed easily under or during the installation of Adobe Digital Editions. You can download the software Adobe Digital Editions for free under This is used to download DRM copy-protected ebooks and to transfer these ebooks to your Reader.


You can download Adobe Digital Editions under. Please follow the instructions of the program to install ADE. Enter your address and complete the online form by following the instructions. After TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader, you will return to the ADE window Device authorization Enter your username and password to activate your Adobe account. Connect now your ebook Reader to the PC. ADE recognizes the ebook Reader and prompts TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader to authorize the device.

Free Download TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader Firmware for Windows XP Tablet Drivers

TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader Adobe Digital Editions version 2. Connect your ebook reader with the computer. In the top left, click on the device "TrekStor", then click the little cog icon right above them. Complete the authorization in order to transfer copyprotected ebooks to your device. Without a successful authorization this will not be possible. Each Adobe ID supports up to 6 mobile devices. After the authorization, the ebook Reader appears inside the left column of Adobe Digital Editions. The contents of the Reader will be displayed in the right window Downloading an TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader using Adobe Digital Editions and copying it on your ebook Reader Please follow these steps to load an ebook to your ebook Reader using Adobe Digital Editions: To do this, choose the download link on the page.

You can now copy the ebook by drag and drop onto your device. Now the download should start and the ebook should be linked with your Adobe ID.


For more information about Adobe Digital Editions, your Adobe ID and the Adobe ADEPT copy TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader are available under Transferring ebooks via the TrekStor ereader Suite Regular updates, ebook management and synchronization, and direct access TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader your ebook Shop - the free ereader Suite handles all this tasks and provides you the opportunity of comfortable reading. In "My Computer", open the drive with the name "TrekStor" launch the "ereader Suite" installation file and follow the instructions of the installer. eBook compatibility ‐ Support embedded fonts ‐ Updated version of eReader Suite installer for Windows ‐ Cursor representation in all menu.

TrekStor EBP7-a eBook Reader FirmwareTrekStor EBP7M-a eBook Reader TrekStor EBRPYMI eBook Reader Firmware

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