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ACARD AEC-7730SR LVD SCSI-to-SATA Bridge Adapter (for RDX-drive)

Keeping part count down is the key to keeping costs low. On a heavily loaded general purpose computer with the CPU busy doing other things, the DMA offers tremendous improvement in data transfer. In this case, not so Acard AEC-7730SA. I appreciate your comments and support. Let's make this project work!

Acard Tech Part Numbers List

You connect a serial Acard AEC-7730SA to set the parameters and off you go. NobodyIsHere December 8th, I am trying to decide what to do with this project. I think it would be a good and helpful thing to have but recognize it may be too specific or overcome by events. If you are interested in buying a prototype board please contact me at mailto: Please note if you buy a prototype board you don't have to actually build and test it. You can buy a board and have it sent to a volunteer builder for build and test.

Obviously with prototype boards there are no Acard AEC-7730SA and you can expect there will be problems. We have to find those and fix them before a manufactured PCB is even a possibility. The change is relatively minor and doesn't affect any functionality. Now the dual row headers are all flipped so if builders want to use right angle connectors the will face outwards Acard AEC-7730SA the board. Also the IDE connector is pulled further into the board about an inch or so and the switches position with CR battery socket.

Better yet, use an external battery and just run wires. I am not a fan of batteries mounted on Acard AEC-7730SA since they tend to leak and ruin the board. Acard AEC-7730SA far a couple of builders have signed up for prototype boards. We'll give this a few more days and see how it goes. If we get to 2 or 3 more builders willing to go for the prototype boards then we'll proceed. If not, then there is probably not enough community interest to warrant this project at least for now. The work done so far won't be lost though, it will just stay where it is until if and when it picks up.


Andrew Lynch RWallmow December 9th, Actually if you can do the basic build to assemble the board that may be helpful too. You can contribute to the project without being a hardware or software guru by providing the raw materials to builders Acard AEC-7730SA the proper skill set but lack the resources to participate otherwise.

Mikolp: ACARD AECSA LVD SCSI to SATA Bridge Adapter for inches SATA ODD

Then other builders Acard AEC-7730SA get a chance to work on it who otherwise wouldn't. So even just buying a prototype PCB helps a lot because it opens Acard AEC-7730SA for the whole project to advance. I've seen this a lot on the S boards.


The real heros in the project are those who buy the prototypes and first round of boards since they are usually the most troublesome. However, if those don't move nothing else will either. Andrew Lynch December 9th, Five prototype PCBs which is the minimum Acard AEC-7730SA from www. That's certainly a possibility. Let's give this a few days to soak and see what happens. A very encouraging development! Apparently it works fairly well considering it has a fast CPU driving it. Bumping up the CPU speed tremendously helps the data rate up to a point.

I am thinking we should decent performance with an 8 MHz Z NobodyIsHere December 9th,Buy ACARD AECSA LVD SCSI to SATA Bridge Adapter (for SATA ODD): SCSI Port Cards - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. ACARD BRIDGE – AECSA. LVD SCSI to SATA Bridge Adapter (for ATAPI). LVD SCSI interface for up Acard AEC-7730SA 80MB/sec Acard AEC-7730SA transfer rate; Support SATA Optical.

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