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The tourist has more choice when buying travel products also because of the options provided by on-line travel agents and direct marketing by airlines. The advent of intermediaries such as distressed web sites online means that tourists are willing to delay making their reservations online and are more price conscious. Other changes in the way they consumers Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 — preferring to take shorter holidays with decisions made more spontaneously — have the effect of placing more pressure on tourist operators who need to be more flexible in their offerings and in the way they relate to the market.


These benefits are no longer dependent on proprietary information systems as has been the past experience, since the Internet is a commonly available technology. Dogac, et al, considers the Internet provides many advantages to players in the tourism industry.

Some of these benefits are: Whether these benefits have come to pass remains to be seen. Their realization requires a new approach to be adopted by operators in the industry, particularly for SMTEs.

The question is whether they recognise these potential spin-offs and are able to take advantage of them. Figure 2 — Framework depicting tourist operators and potential interplay of IT between operators.

Gonzalez et al. A Yahoo search reveals in excess oftourist oriented websites. The internet reduces distribution costs as intermediaries commissions are eliminated, however this is frustrated by the emergence of intermediaries, the squeeze on price, yield and revenue and the homogeneity of web sites.


It is not clear that individual SMTEs are able Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 use this business intelligence, or recognise its value. If so, information may be lost and not acted upon. The internet is a commonly available technology, however awareness of itsfunctionality and resources and expertise to take advantage of this functionality is required. It is observed that many SMTEs either are not aware of this or do not possess or have ready access to resources need to make the most of the opportunities potentially available. The semantic web which is an extension of the World Wide Web, is designed to bring structure and meaning to the vast array of information available on the World Wide Web.

The structure imposed by semantic webs is achieved through the imposition of an ontology to give meaning to information. These issues however go beyond the Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 of this paper.

Intermediaries Collaboration around the Internet is a way for tourist operators, such Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 hotels, to deal ith excess capacity and increase occupancy rates quickly. This already occurs within many chains and is evident in the participation in intermediaries or distressed websites such as needitnow. Three reasons have been identified for this change in the distribution of hotel rooms: Starkovp. The active role of these intermediaries may be viewed as a positive development for the industry.

Online bookings are more cost effective, tend to attract more affluent customers and reduce reliance on Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 expensive distribution channels. However a closer analysis of the impact of this reveals a loss of control by tourist operators and a tradeoff between occupancy rates at the expense of yield and the associated RevPAR. Yield represents the return to the business resulting from its operations.

Technology and tourism by anil sangwan

RevPAR represents the revenue achieved per available room. The aim of a hotelier is to maximise yield and RevPAR. It is clear that selling rooms via distressed websites at a cheaper rate increases occupancy but has a negative impact on the other indices. The long term impact is brand erosion in terms of quality following downward pressure on room rates.

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Hotels need to transfer their direct sales expertise to the web environment. Realisation of the need to develop a direct web distribution strategy is critical as hoteliers seek to deal successfully with online intermediaries. Distressed web sites have a role to play in distribution, however should not be the only web distribution channel. If a hotel has not developed a direct web distribution plan it will only appear on the internet Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 144 distressed web sites which as discussed erodes its quality. A total online distribution strategy therefore is needed with a direct-to-consumer distribution model at the centre of the strategy, such as adopted by the airline industry.

IT and collaboration — business networks Increasingly business network behaviour is becoming more prominent in research and is of interest to the tourism industry. A sharing of information, either in a centralized or more collaborative way, would assist in maximization of the value of information and knowledge.

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