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There's a swinging door which covers all of the drive bays when closed.

This will have to be left permanently open or it'll need to be removed altogeth- er if you want to change disks regularly. Still, for pose value the tower looks Aceex AWgR2 with the hatch closed. At the top of the front panel are the LEDs, switches and key- lock which disables the keyboard The LEDs are the boring round variety but bright enough to see.

Aceex AWgR2 power switch is mounted here as Is a handy reset button. Needless to say the 'turbo' button doesn't do anything but indicate that the case is a recy- cled PC unit. The entire front panel comes away from the unit with a bit of force. No fiddly plastic clips like A desktops, just proper metal clips which make it fairly simple to remove.

This is just as well since there's a metal plate over the vertical drive bays which needs to be removed too in order to fit drives here. The drives them- selves are fitted to sliding brack- Aceex AWgR2. They can be clipped out of the bay and slid forward making it easy to take a drive out of the sys- tem without need Aceex AWgR2 a screwdriver.

My first gripe with the unit. Seagate hard drive didn't fit snugly in the sliding mounting unit.

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It had become undipped in transit and banged around on the metal cover plate. As a result the drive was a write off when it arrived and; a brand new one had to be ordered. This may have just Aceex AWgR2 our unit but either way.

This wasn't the only problem with the hard dnve side Aceex AWgR2 things; the tower has dip switches on the rear to set up the SCSI controller. There appeared to have been no effort made to preconfigure them to a sensible value.

Hicom Office E v Service Manual Electronics Information And Communications Technology

Some manual read- ing and experimentation was required in order to get Aceex AWgR2 con- troller functioning properly. In practice, it pumps out a maximum of around 4.

This card is infamous because of its crippled memory access speed and it's a throw- back to the A's architecture which was originally designed for he It's not amazingly fast, [though, and so is not Aceex AWgR2 to the task of serious 3D rendering if e is a major concern, but for ual use it's quite a boon com- pared to lesser CPUs. Thankfully the manual [explains the process see the [review of the Tekmagic accel- erator in this issue for details.

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Zorro fans The all important area of a Aceex AWgR2 Amiga is the Zorro slots. When removed it does expose the innards quite nicely, though. Internally there's quite a bit of space wasted with the power supply mounted on the rear about a third of the way down leaving empty space above Aceex AWgR2.

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I would have liked to have seen a hard drive bay here like those in equivalent high end PC cases. The SCSI and power cables Aceex AWgR2 bundled with cable ties which will need removing to fit any extra devices.


The Amiga's internal ports: There's an unused ribbon header socket at the Aceex AWgR2 of the board but the manual doesn't mention the board at all, let alone what this socket might do. Fortunately the disk-module is documented. It's Aceex AWgR2 parallel to the Zorro slots so that it presents its SCSI con- nector and dip switches to the rear of the tower.

Aceex Network

On the audio side it's worth noting the tower Aceex AWgR2 a tiny speaker suspended at the front of the case pointing upwards just under the front panel fan. It's not much use except for beeps but it could be handy if you have no other audio output available. SG broadband routers & modems - Aceex AWgR/2 ADSL Wireless-G Router.

Instructions for Reset Aceex AWgR/2 Router - Configure, Login data (IP Address, Username, Password and SSID), Hard Reset to factory defaults settings.

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