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Chapter Seven;Why the Bomb was dropped The Emergence of India and Pakistan The Elimination of Leaders The Vietnamization of the Indian Subcontinent This book originated as a term paper for a class ALLNET ALL129A took at Dalhousie University.

The World War Deception Mass Media (K views)

The essay in question winded up in the hands of The Powers That Be. Since then, I was forced to live in a state of siege, dealing with repeated attempts at entrapment by government intelligence agencies. I decided that if this essay could reduce me to a persona non-grata, I really had to share its contents ALLNET ALL129A those concerned. Readers are recommended to visit my website for more information on this book and me.

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This research gradually crystallized over ALLNET ALL129A years, spanning several libraries, dozens of maps, hundreds of websites and all relevant conspiracy literature. I do not appreciate this books being used as a critique of Socialists, Leftists, Marxists or even Communists. The focus of this book is the geographical entity known as the former Soviet Union, its benefactors and its operators.

What this book is trying to accomplish A brief summary of The World War Deception The World Wars as a whole have not usually been dealt with from a conspiracy angle. And doing so becomes all the more imperative when old catchalls such as Pearl Harbour and Clash of Civilizationsar e being recycled and thrust upon us. Roughly speaking, this book attempts to explain the ALLNET ALL129A World Wars combining the insightfulness of Fritz Springmeier with the accuracy and thoroughness of Antony C. This book is not about the history of the two World Wars.

It ALLNET ALL129A about the role of the Powers that Be in the two World Wars.


Therefore, general history, narrative, timelines, and discussion of important events will not 11 be duplicated. It is assumed that the reader has basic familiarity concerning the two World ALLNET ALL129A. If not, a side-by-side read of introductory literature, such as the Wikipedia articles on the two World Wars should suffice. In NovemberFritz Springmeier, a researcher from Portland Oregon, published a book2 which isolated thirteen families closely associated with major developments in modern and ALLNET ALL129A history.


ALLNET ALL129A Springmeier referred to them as The Illuminati. Before the book could be critically evaluated, Springmeier became a living proof of his claims.

In Marchhe was framed for robbery and was sent to prison, where he resided for ALLNET ALL129A years. I followed up the case in great detail and I am ALLNET ALL129A that a successful researcher like him, being under surveillance, was unlikely to involve himself in activity that could result in his imprisonment and defamation.


It is unlikely that ALLNET ALL129A charges made against him hold ground. And the labels ALLNET ALL129A to him are mere slander. I suggest those who suppose otherwise to read Springmeiers books and judge for themselves. And this would not be the first time those exposing the Powers That Be have faced danger.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Several web versions are available online.

And therefore, his writings deserve more critical attention. A further discussion of The Illuminati is beyond the scope of this book. Except for the fact that the group in question appears to be very ancient, is international in its operations, has access to banking capital, propagates itself through exclusive bloodlines, usually operates from the Western world and is behind key developments in global history. A commonly agreed theme is that Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria formally reorganized the external arms of this group as The Illuminati on ALLNET ALL129A st May The author does not endorse any other definition or attribution to The Illuminati other than that of Fritz Springmeier.

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Springmeier does not delve into esoteric diversions, and sticks to identifying ALLNET ALL129A families and bloodlines. Again, this book only covers the involvement of the aforementioned group in the World Wars, and not their general history. It should be noted that a concurrent development related to the two World Wars is the rise of usury-banker dynasties such as the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers. And the increasing separation of church and state in the Western world, which enabled the Criminal Elite to openly prescribe ALLNET ALL129A wide variety of formulae for reorganizing the nation state on their terms.

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Another important phenomenon is colonialism. At this point, the aims and objectives of the Criminal Elite, started masquerading as national interests. A good example of this phenomenon is the British East India Company, a private joint-stock company that flew the ALLNET ALL129A of Britain. Secret documents penned by Weishaupt were leaked, which resulted in the Elector of Bavaria cracking down on the Illuminati and Freemasonry in the region.

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