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The optical port also has a self-closing cover, a nice touch that is always appreciated. Features and Options: All the systems reviewed here have quite a different feature set, and share only three commonalities: The Apogee, Stellos, and Opera all have analog preamp outputs, Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX Aqvox does not i. The Aqvox Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX unique in possessing a microphone input with volume control for use with USB audio. It also offers a large range of controls for DAC functionality like phase, upsampling, oversampling, etc.

USB Universal Serial Bus - AQVOX Compatible Computer Devices

The Apogee is the only unit whose headphone and preamp outputs can be turned on separately from each other i. This does not bode well for users of less efficient cans like the K approx. I measured 1.

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  • Review: Apogee Mini-DAC vs AQVOX USB 2 D/A MkII vs Stello DA100/HP100 vs Corda Opera
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The maximum output I measured from it is 8. However, the trade-off is that extremely efficient phones, like the Shure E have very little useable rotation on the volume knob. I generally listen at one to two levels above zero. Fortunately there is only channel imbalance very close to zero output, so it is not a major problem. Test System Components: Event Project Studio 5 biamplified monitors Settings Used: The Aqvox was primarily used with upsampling on, dithering on, pulse filter, phase normal, and oversampling at 32 lowest setting, manufacturer recommended. The DA was used with upsampling on.

Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX

Apogee MiniDAC (AQVOX 1.0.8) network drivers

The Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX was used in low gain mode, both filters A and B were sampled. The Opera was used in low gain mode, sampled with crossfeed on and off, and I typically only used the low-impedance output jack, except with the DT which is designed for use with a ohm jack.


Reference Music: See the music list from my previous DAC review. The thoughts posted here about the sound of these products are my own opinions, and I do not pretend for them to Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX fact, though if you take them as fact, you do so at your own risk. Furthermore, one must keep in their head at all times that this is a comparison of very good products, and though comments about one or the other might sound harsh to an individual within the context of this review, one must keep in mind the forest for the trees.

Sound Quality: A few notes before we plunge into the true meat of this review: I could not hear this noise with any of my headphones, including the very efficient W Also, the Opera had no noticeable turn-off or plug-in thump, whereas The Apogee has both, and the other two both have a noticeable turn-off thump. The Aqvox also has a fairly loud thump Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX headphones are plugged or unplugged.

: Apogee MiniDAC 2 Channel DA Converter: Musical Instruments

Gone is the somewhat euphonic midrange flavor, replaced with a leaner, but more accurate presence. I felt that the forward midrange of the MkI imposed a bit of a limitation on the perception of soundstage depth, however this is also not the case with the Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX. Instruments have a bit better separation and air around them than I can recall experiencing with the MkI.

The change in the midrange characteristics and soundstaging makes the MkII a bit more relaxed or laid-back sounding than the MkI. The headphone Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX of the Aqvox deepens the same flavor offered by the DAC. If the Aqvox used as a DAC alone offers a very slightly laid-back sound, when used as both source and amp is Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX noticeably more so.


Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX Listening to very active or busy music with more aggressive headphones, one notices less of a fatiguing effect. Overall, it performs very well for a solid-state headphone amp, offering very good extension to both ends of the spectrum, and leaving no stones of detail unturned.

Apogee MiniDAC (AQVOX ) (network) drivers for Windows

The noise floor is the lowest of the group. The sound is characterized by a slight bit of extra weight to the upper bass and lower midrange, a lively and inviting tone, and a nicely open soundstage. Apogee MiniDAC (AQVOX ) drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX trusted Apogee MiniDAC AQVOX. Official driver packages will help you to.

meier-audio-corda-opera-dac-amp. DAC-Amp Battle: Apogee Mini-DAC vs. AQVOX USB 2 D/A MkII vs.

April Music Stello DA/HP vs. Meier Audio Corda Opera.

The Stellos and Opera both have two sets of RCA analog inputs, the Aqvox and Apogee have none (i.e. the headphone amp can ONLY The best usb dac???$$.

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