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Pull the card out of the Press the eject button in again to secure it in the bay. Some cards may protrude AST Ascentia the AST Ascentia depending on their design. This includes expanding system memory, adding larger hard disk drive and connecting optional hardware.

External Connections When you use your computer, youre likelywant to to connect various peripherals to it. This section covers how to do it.

AST Ascentia 910n 486 Dx4/75 MHz Windows 95 66 Dx2 Vintsge

The port and connector AST Ascentia are pointed out in chapter 1. AST Ascentia Common Peripherals When you use your computer at an office or at home you may want to take advantage the option of to use desktop peripherals. Doing this has two advantages.


You may find that a desktop keyboard and monitor are more comfortable for extended use for some kinds of work. One of the first things I AST Ascentia about the laptop is the way it was put together in Decemberalmost as if it was AST Ascentia from a batch of disparate components -- very different to how modern laptops are built where the necessity and location of every minutiae, component and screw is carefully balanced against material cost, weight, and form factor.

The huge battery was assembled in Mexico. Even the placement of the memory slots was rather unusual -- right between the keyboard and screen, and almost too-easily AST Ascentia without needing tools.

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There is no cooling fan; heat dissipation is achieved AST Ascentia a metal plate pasted onto the CPU. Currently I run RedHat 6. The RedHat default kernel works fine.

I deleted the W95 partition before installing Linux. It is presumably needed for the BIOS "rest to disk" -function.

You must also disable "rest to disk" -option from the BIOS setup in order not to freeze the machine periodically. Kernel config files I got everything related to the kernel working except some APM features with these kernel AST Ascentia files kernel 2.

He kindly sent me his configuration files. Any of these advice didn't help me, though. Otherwise the RedHat 6.

Upgrade Your AST Ascentia Memory

X Windows XFree86 3. William H.

He had to add "MemBase 0xfc" to the Device Section, apparently enabling the use of 16 bit color just change the depth variable to "Depth 16". My XF86Config might AST Ascentia, however, work with the latest hardware. This Ascentia N/ CS9 was a very advanced notebook sized AT compatioble computer running MS-DOS, Microsoft Office and Windows for Workgroups.


AST Ascentia N: High Performance Mobile Computing. Product Specifications. Full-featured notebook computers targeted for the professional mobile.

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