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JDSU has announced the See the Light webinar series, a four-part program designed for anyone involved in the installation, maintenance, and repair of fiber optic systems. It begins with Atech Lucent WDM Modem inspection and cleaning and then covers the basics of fiber testing. The webinar series then continues with the more advanced optical time-domain reflectometer OTDR and fiber local area network LAN testing challenges.


More information on the series. IGI is offering a series of webinars on topics of interest to those in the communications industry.

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You can join them live ir download from the archives. All they have to do is to send IGI an e-mail stating which newsletter they would like to get. See http: New sections have been added on fusion splicing and mechanical splicing. Check out the current Table of Contents. Atech Lucent WDM Modem

A summary of the proposals is on the updated list of network specs at http: Choose and install one to serve your communications Atech Lucent WDM Modem Troubleshoot problems? All are PDF files you can download, print and use. Testing Update Are there really 5 different ways to test optical fiber cabling after installation? Why so many?

How do the measurements - and more importantly the measurement results - differ? What are the advanteages and disadvantages of each method? Why are there 4 ways maybe 5 to test fiber optic cables? New Tech Topics Industry Atech Lucent WDM Modem updated to include international standards Updated link specs for fiber optic networks - now includes 10G Ethernet. Product News Another Fusion Splice-On Connector Seikoh Giken joins the companies offering prepolished connectors to fusion splice onto fibers for termination.

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This seems to be the new standard way to provide fast terminations with low loss. Simple visual assessments of other dismounted soldiers is not a Atech Lucent WDM Modem IFF method for 2S military platforms or dismounted infantry. The art is replete with proposals for IFF systems for military platforms in modem land battlefields. But commanders often still rely on low-resolution visual and infrared images to identify detected targets. Commanders often must operate under radio silence to avoid detection by an enemy.

Active-response systems S require the emission of a signal by the unknown respondent in response to a verified challenge, which may compromise the security of both interrogator and respondent. Active transponders are subject to capture and may be used for spoofing Atech Lucent WDM Modem Passive response systems rely on the return of an echo reflection of a challenge signal to the interrogator, but simple reflection schemes are easily compromised and more elaborate passive reflection schemes are still subject to intercept, compromise or capture for use by the enemy in 1S spoofing the interrogator.

As described in U. Patent No.


By spreading the optical broadcast energy into frequency in a precise manner; the beacon identifies the host vehicle to friendly receivers while remaining covert to the enemy. A more sophisticated passive el. Carbonneau et a1. If a vehicle detects'a coded interrogator laser beam and identifies the code as friendly, it opens a blocked rotating retro-reflector to clear a reflection path back Atech Lucent WDM Modem the source, where it can be identified by another narrow field-of-view detector.

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A further modulation is also added to the reflected beam to identify the reflecting vehicle as friendly. If an improperly coded beam is detected, the transmission path is not cleared, thereby preventing reflection of that beam and warning is sent to the vehicle commander of an unfriendly laser transmission. The art is less populated with IFF proposals for the lone dismounted soldier the infantryman on foot. But some practitioners have proposing IFF solutions for the dismounted soldier, both active and passive. For example, in US. As another example, in US. The system includes a clip-on beacon and a hand-held flashlight-style or weapon-mounted deter tor.

The Atech Lucent WDM Modem radiates a spread-spectrum low-probability-of-intercept LPI signal at optical frequencies that are selecte d to be invisible to the usual detectors present in the battlefield. Rose doesn't consider the problem of spoofing with captured devices.

As yet another example, in U. As a final example, in U. Although Atech appears as the manufacturer, it is not. Lucent makes the chips and Atech Lucent WDM Modem companies assemble the modems. So, this driver is a generic one. Atech Modem Drivers. modemzip (This driver is to be use only with . Lucent WDM Modem Enumerator Lucent Win Lucent t00 driver.

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