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The action is triggered by an incoming call — one that goes unanswered after four rings — during which time all incoming calls will be blocked out until the system is rebooted and ready. For Teleboot call Boca Viva 28.8i For the PC Watchdog call The BBS soft ware powerhouse also Boca Viva 28.8i a limit- ed-time price promotion for its UNIX software, offering customer savings of up to 35 percent. Rl I Fron: UQ for intm-nol support. HoftTlnnf 3 '. PC and nctc Select 5 By Number p3.

Modem. 8-bit ISA

You hear about it every day at work, on the news, in the car pool, from your friends. Now you want to join the fun and see what you've been missing. Or maybe you're already online at work and you want to explore the world of BBSs in your own time, without the boss looking over your shoulder — a wise decision that could save your Boca Viva 28.8i. Or perhaps you've heard so much about this Internet thing that you've decided to investigate on your own. Whatever the reason, you want to explore the world of BBSs. But unlike so many of the BBS- sawy folks you know, your computer is a Macintosh.

Well, as you and I both know, you're the one who made the right computer purchase decision. And in the next few pages I'll tell you how you can take your Mac and a modem online, and what you'll find on Mac-based BBSs around the country. A modem is a device that lets your computer "talk" over the phone. It does this by turning the computer's digital signals into analog signals and then sending them over a phone line. On the other end of the connection is another modem that turns the analog signals you sent into digital sig- nals that computers can understand.


If you don't have a modem, you'll have to buy one. Check the ads in this magazine, as well as those in Boca Viva 28.8i specific magazines like Macworld and MacUser, for an idea of what's available. Generally speaking, you want the fastest externa!


Be sure to specify that the modem will be connected to a Mac so it comes with the cor- rect cable an IBM-compatible cable will be worthless to you. Then follow the instructions that come with the modem to connect Boca Viva 28.8i to your computer and a phone line.

Full text of "BBS Magazine: Volume 6 Number 6 (June )"

Telecommunications Software: Telecommunications Boca Viva 28.8i ware teils your Macintosh how to use the modem. There are basically two kinds — standard or command-line user inter- face CLUI and graphic user interface GUI telecomunica- tions software. I'll tell you about GUI software later.

For now, let's look at standard telecommunications software. If you bought a modem packaged for use with a Macintosh, chances are it came with some kind of basic telecommunica- tions Boca Viva 28.8i.

Modem. External

This software enables you to connect to a remote system like a BBS right away. I he drawback - which may be especially painful for Macintosh users — is the fact that once connected, you're Boca Viva 28.8i with an old-fashioned command-line interface with scrolling menus and the need to type in commands.


Still, if you have Boca Viva 28.8i modem and plan to go online, you really can't do without at least one standard telecommunications software package. Here are some suggestions: It is available on most BBSs and is often bundled with modems sold to Mac users. It's a simple program that includes a sur- prising number of the features found in commercial products.

Designed Boca Viva 28.8i make telecom- munications easy, especially for beginners, it has many useful features that appeal to all users. It com- bines an easy-to-use interface with an impressive feature set. Boca Research driver. Boca Research Boca Research Modem Drivers - 53 drivers found - filter[Windows 98] Viva i driver, Bocaresearchvivadrivers.

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Boca Research driver. Boca Research Boca Research Modem Drivers - 87 drivers found - filter[Windows]. Viva i driver, Bocaresearchvivadrivers.

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