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Daewoo KR29FL5 Press the button. If the indicator is highlighted in red, then the central balance position has been found. This feature corrects for large volume level changes, such as occur when passing from a movie to advertisements.


The currently selected preset is displayed in the menu header. The following display appears: Or English, Vietnamese, Daewoo KR29FL5 1.

Daewoo KR29FL5 Manuals

You can prevent the use of the TV set without the remote control. The present time of Text channel will be automatically set Daewoo KR29FL5. If the clock setting is done already, the clock doesn't changed by doing like up. Preset, the TV will automatically turn on to a preset program number at a preset time.


Put the TV set on stand-by with the remote control. You can set the clock in this mode, unless the present Daewoo KR29FL5 is set. By pressing the button repeatedly, you can set the sleep time. When this button pressed again, 20 minute are set to the sleep-timer. This display disappears within 4 seconds unless any button is pressed. Whenever pressed again, the setting time is increased by 20 minute.

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If this button is pressed again, during the sleep-timer operation, the remaining time of the sleeptimer appears on the screen. In addition, if this button is pressed repeatedly, the setting time is increased by 20 minute continuously. When the remaining time become "0", the TV receiver is turn off automatically. To exit demo play, press the MENU Daewoo KR29FL5. This is called the Picture-In-Picture function.

Daewoo KR29FL5 A TV picture or a picture from external source equipment such as a VTR can be displayed as another picture. Select the desired program. Press the PIP button to display a sub-picture. Press the sub P.

To turn off the sub-picture, press the PinP button again. Or press P. SIZE button directly.

Daewoo KR29FL5 Manuals

The mode will be appear cyclically. The main picture the large picture and sub-picture the small picture are switched. Press the SWAP button again to switch again. The display position of the sub-picture Daewoo KR29FL5 changed in order PIP mode. Press the Daewoo KR29FL5 button on the remote control or on the front of the set and select AV2.

You can use other equipment with TV signal. Introduction Othello is a two player strategy game. Othello is player on an 8 x 8 square board, one taking yellow while the other taking green. The object of Othello is to flip as many of your opponents discs to your color as possible without opponent flipping your discs. The Rules The initial configuration, before the game starts, is: Green starts playing first. Each player puts one disc on the board at each turn, unless:Daewoo KR29FL5 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daewoo KR29FL5 Instruction Manual. Daewoo Daewoo KR29FL5 Pdf User Manuals.


View online or download Daewoo KR29F2N Instruction Manual.

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