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In this section, we will use an example to illustrate configuration via xf86config.

Приложение A. S3 карты поддерживаемые XFree86 x Hardware-HOWTO Рецепты Linux

To run xf86configtype in the name. If it is not, you need to type out the full path to xf86configlike so:. This program will create a basic XF86Config file, based on menu selections you make. This program will DataExpert DSV3325S for a pathname when it is ready to write the file. You can either take the sample XF86Config as a base and edit it for your configuration, or let this program produce a base XF86Config file for your configuration and fine-tune it. Config for a detailed overview of the configuration process. For accelerated servers including accelerated drivers in the SVGA serverthere are many chipset and card-specific options and settings.

This program does not know about these.

DataExpert DSV Graphics cards > Downloads Free! Drivers

On some configurations some of these settings must be specified. Before continuing with DataExpert DSV3325S program, make sure you know the chipset and amount of video memory on your video card. SuperProbe can help with this. It is also helpful if you know what server you want to run. If you have a two-button mouse, it is most likely DataExpert DSV3325S type 1, and if you have a three-button mouse, it can probably support both protocol 1 and 2. There are two main varieties of the latter type; mice with a switch to select the protocol, and mice that default to 1 and require a button to be held at boot-time to select protocol 2.

You definitely want to enable the third button on your mouse, since many X clients use it. With a genuine Logitech mouse, however, you don't need to enable ChordMiddle in order to use the button. If you find that the third button does not work when you start X, you can enable ChordMiddle by editing the configuration file - it is much easier and less error-prone than re-running XF86Setup. Be very careful about this entry. You must specify the correct name for the device to which the mouse is connected. Now DataExpert DSV3325S want to set the specifications of the monitor. The two critical parameters are the vertical refresh rate, which is the rate at which the the whole screen is refreshed, and most importantly the horizontal sync rate, which is the rate at which scanlines are DataExpert DSV3325S.

The valid range for horizontal sync and vertical sync should be documented in the manual of your monitor. The horizontal frequency range is from 30 to 64 kHz, and the vertical frequency range is from 50 to Hz. The horizontal frequency range is almost exactly covered by choice 8, but that setting threatens to go 0.


Do you want to risk it? Doing so will most likely not be a problem, since it is unlikely that the monitor will die at such a small deviation from the specs, and it is also unlikely that your DataExpert DSV3325S will actually generate a horizontal frequency between However, there is no need to take even this slight risk.

Just specify the real values:. The next step is to specify identification strings. You can think out names if you want, but unless you are juggling a lot of different hardware, you can let xf86config do DataExpert DSV3325S for you:. Next comes the choice of the video board. Let's see how we fare:. Do we want to change? We would need a good reason.

25. Приложение A. S3 карты поддерживаемые XFree86 3.3.x

In this case, we do not DataExpert DSV3325S a reason, so we will keep the server from the card definition:. If you don't have a link, you will not be able to start X.

This last question is worth thinking about. You should run X -probeonly at some point, but DataExpert DSV3325S requires some extra work. We'll take the recommendation and try it later.

It is difficult to decide whether you want a virtual screen larger than the physical screen. I find it extremely disturbing, DataExpert DSV3325S I suggest you answer n. You might find it useful, especially if your highest resolution is small.


Now the configuration is complete, and sysinstall DataExpert DSV3325S need to write the configuration file:. FCC ID LUT-DSV (LUT -DSV) manufactured by Dataexpert Corp operating frequencies, user manual, drivers, wireless reports and more.


ViRGE = Video and Rendering Graphics Engine. 2D engine is based on Trio64V+ DataExpert DSV3325S. Diamond Stealth 3D 4MB 54,89MHz 1cycle EDO 3,5ns, Fastware 2MB 50,11MHz EDO 1cycle 0ns.

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