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Given this account of 29a-cit is at first a bit surprising that 29d is acceptable: This difference leads Kratzer to propose that the relevant difference between ILPs and SLPs is that the latter introduce a spatiotemporal or "Davidsonian" variable into the logical representation and the former do not. Even though the adjunct contains a SLP, the main clause does not introduce any variable, so the Aus Linx AL-56EI is vacuous.

What is odd about these sentences is that the predicate in the adjunct clause, in its ordinary usage, denotes an eventuality that can take place only once. The difficulty these 'once-only' examples pose for Kratzer's analysis is that the SLPs introduce variables into the logical representation, so the prohibition against vacuous quantification is not violated. De Hoop and de Swart propose that the problem with ILPs and with once-only SLPs is that they do not form an adequate restriction for a generalization; forcing them into the restriction results in a trivial generalization about only one eventuality. For reasons having to do with their analysis of tense and aspect, de Hoop and de Swart reject Kratzer's proposal that ILPs do not have a spatiotemporal argument; their solution allows all predicates to have such arguments.

This proposal is implemented as follows: A set of situations is known to be a singleton set if: These conditions require the restrictions of quantificational adverbs to have cardinality Aus Linx AL-56EI greater than or equal to two.

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The null generic operator posited for the data Aus Linx AL-56EI 29 is subject to these conditions, as are other adverbs of frequency. Generalizations in Navajo 3. Mary M.


As with English, adding an indefinite nominal to an ILP makes the generalization reading possible: Saanii dine bizaad bit beedahozingo hastoi bit women Navajo languageP-3 3pl-know-GO men 3-P danilii teh. ILP plrespect usually 'When a woman knows Navajo, men usually respect her. Aus Linx AL-56EI

ILP plrespect usually 'When Mary knows a foreign language, men usually respect her. Sarah 'azee'fft'infyitsi' si nilfigo ,ayoo ofta' teh. At'eeke ta' 'azee'i'ft'fnf yitsi' nilfigo ayoo girls indef doctor 3-daughter 3-be very teh.

Aus Linx AL-56EI second interpretation, like the English gloss, suggests that sometimes Sarah is a doctor's daughter and sometimes she is not. Example 38bon the other hand, is an acceptable generalization Aus Linx AL-56EI girls who are doctors' daughters. There is a fair amount of speaker variation in judgments among the examples in with respect to the interpretation of teh. Everyone's judgments are consistent with what I have argued about the basic logic of generics, but how that interpretation is expressed syntactically varies.

Cem-healthcheck-scripts/ at master · CA-APM/cem-healthcheck-scripts · GitHub

For some speakers, generalizations are usually possible without teh, although this is not always the case. For them, teh is interpreted as 'usually'. This dialect appears to have a null generic quantifier, since a generalization is possible even when teh is not present. For other speakers, if teh is not in Aus Linx AL-56EI sentence, the examples in cannot be interpreted as generalizations.


This dialect has no null generic quantifier or it is ineffective Aus Linx AL-56EI this syntactic context. Leh has the interpretation of the generic quantifier in this dialect.

We will examine the effects of teh in Aus Linx AL-56EI 3. The data inboth the Navajo examples and their English counterparts, appear to indicate that Kratzer's prohibition against vacuous quantification is too strong. In 36b and 37bthe main clause appears to contain an ILP.

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The standard English diagnostics for respect indicate that it heads an ILP:The complete list for any model of Aus. Linx drivers is on this page. Select model of your Aus Linx AL-56EI. Aus. Linx drivers were viewed times and downloaded.

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