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Shortwave sensitivity is very good. Medium wave AM broadcast reception is excellent.

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No direct keypad for frequency entry, and the SW also lacks a native SSB mode a rare missing feature in this price class. With that said, it does have impressive array of external connections, including an IF-Out connection, which with an IF converter and some free software will allow you to interpret SSB and an array of digital signals, including TSM USB NumKeypad Digital Radio Mondiale.

Its design is simple, ergonomic, and highly effective. The X sports a large alpha-numeric display, tactile buttons, and a solid build quality. I also believe the X has a one of the TSM USB NumKeypad internal speakers and audio fidelity amongst portables. Surprisingly, the X lacks synchronous detection, a tool most other portables have in this price range. Additionally, in my recent shortwave portable shoot-outI gave the Sangean low marks for sensitivity; this review was based upon use of the built-in telescopic antenna. With an external antenna, on the other TSM USB NumKeypad, the X performs admirably.


Sangean still has several models of portables available. Two of its outstanding features is a solid synchronous selectable sideband a feature which TSM USB NumKeypad to reduce fading distortion and adjacent-channel interference and stable AGC circuit. It can be found at a wide array of retailers, such as Universal Radio, Amazon and eBay. The PL does a surprisingly good job of holding its own against the other contenders in this list. Additionally, the PL is not well suited for large external antennas; but it does work quite well with its own antenna.

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Click here to search eBay for new and used PLs. Tecsun PL The Tecsun PL is one of the best selling portable shortwave radios currently on the market—and for good reason. This rig has a full compliment TSM USB NumKeypad features and is quite easy to operate.


Sensitivity and selectivity are both excellent; indeed, I consider it to have the most sensitive receiver among the portables listed here and so. Click here to search fro a new or used PL on eBay. Tecsun PL The Tecsun PL was TSM USB NumKeypad to the market one year ago Novemberand while the introduction was a bit bumpy feature variation based on differing firmware versionsit has recovered and found TSM USB NumKeypad a good following. It makes sense to see how it works within Kodi.

Best air mouse for Kodi and Android TV Box

Let me be clear: If you want more information on how to configure your remote mouse with Kodi, I highly recommend checking out their Wiki page. Finally, I broke the list down into three categories: This includes basic remotes that may or may not have air-mouse functionality. TSM USB NumKeypad the keyboard is on the back of the unit, but not always. Most of the remote controls fell into this category. This is the catch-all. This includes the Logitech touchpad t, and the Kodi Kore Android app. But check out the entire list so you can decide what the best air-mouse is for you. Best Remote Controls 1. Maybe I just like the red and black color scheme, but this remote really stands out without looking gaudy, like something Miley Cyrus would wear.

The remote itself is lightweight, as are most of the remotes I tested. It runs on two AAA batteries which give it surprisingly long battery life.

Asus X54L Notebook Intel WiFiGet a better remote control?
Compaq Presario 712LA Notebook Conexant ACLink ModemCompact/Travel portables
Asus U35JC Intel VGABjergsen’s Streaming + Gaming Setup

Volume buttons are included and they work as designed both in Kodi and throughout the Android OS. The remote can transition fairly seamlessly from D-pad to air-mouse with the touch of a button.

Your mileage may vary, though. The range on the controller is really good.

One complaint I had is that the selection button the big red circle underneath the D-Pad took me a few moments to get used to. Otherwise, this is a great choice and my favorite in the Remotes category. TSM USB NumKeypad, you can use it on most Bluetooth enabled devices. I love the FireTV remote. I think it is one of the most comfortable remote control designs out there today.

Best air mouse for Kodi and Android TV Box

TSM USB NumKeypad download, review of TSM USB NumKeypad Driver (Top Suxess Multimedia). It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version. Records 1 - 30 - TSM USB NumKeypad Driver TSM is a French company that specializez in DVD players, webcams, digital cameras and network-related products.

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